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Generally, the fabricators cut, shape, assemble and weld structural steel and other metal stock to construct and repair metal products and structures. They are supposed to have adequate knowledge of materials, methods, and the required skill level to operate advanced tools involved in the construction of buildings and other structures, including boilers and pressure vessels.

A fabricator has way more expertise than a regular welder. They are capable of assembling very big metal structures as well as small stuff, like handrails and building details, for exposed welds, and giving the product the perfect final touch it requires. Their confidence and tradesmanship comes with many years of welding experience in a variety of materials and structures.

As a veteran tradesperson, the fabricator will have manual dexterity, static strength and great visualisation capabilities to carry out complex welding, fabrication and repair works. He should have the expertise and tradeskills for repairing, installation, quality control analysis, equipment maintenance, operations monitoring, and troubleshooting in a professional way. 

We provide you with professionally trained fabricators and labourers to neatly cut metal and move any possible residuals. Our construction labourers impart a strong hand in the use of power tools and building knowledge. 

Hire metal workers for construction in Sydney. Spades-Labour-Hire is a Sydney based worker-resource network that is fully insured with workers for metalworks division in Sydney.

Find here all your metalworks experienced labour hire workers. We provide metalworks division staff for Project Managers across Sydney. We get Sydney-based project managers the available metalworks force they need that is well rounded in skills to handle general tasks on-site. 

Spades-LabourHire can get you a metalworker by the same or next day if you sign up via our app or by speaking to us directly on the phone (1300 855 334). Need welders and oxy cutters? Learn more about our metalworks division in Sydney. Skill that makes a difference. A class one welders, oxycutters and fabricators. 

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Structural Steelworks

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Oxy Cutting

On Site Fabrication

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