No more metal rusting away in your yard. Get the extra WELDERS that your workshop or construction site desperately needs.

Trying to get your workshop moving faster or your structural welds done, but don’t have enough good welders? Well, now you can!

Construction labour hire in Sydney is very difficult, especially if you have less prior knowledge or new in the command. We always make sure that our client gets skilled labourers that work efficiently and in a reliable manner.

To be honest! Welding requires grave attention and our welders are proficient enough to provide you with exquisite welding service.

There are lots of other companies that are under the category of labour hire in Sydney that really talk their way through but are not that accurate when it comes to results. 

At Spades-LabourHire, we bring forth dynamic welding workers for your projects with insured and expert level skills because we as a company of labour hire in Sydney, believe in delivering the best for the best.

Finally, you can hire Welders for your construction site that are reliable, provide fast response, and are considered to be professional construction labourers that will get things moving easy and fast to get welding jobs out of the way. You can even opt to get equipped or unequipped workers.

Project Managers around Sydney, just like you have used our Tradesman and got amazing results. Now you can too! Our Welders are set to make your job a success. They have the gear, the care for your project, and are considered professional labourers to make strong, durable, great-looking metalwork for your site.

From structural steelworks to all kinds of metal fabrication, our construction agency provide a groundbreaking workforce to meet all your requirements in Sydney.

*NOTE: Great welders are always in high demand, secure your hire ASAP.

Spades Labour Hire Sydney services related to Welding and Boilermaking:

• Light to Heavy Metal Fabrication • Structural Steelworks • Maintenance & Repairs • Oxy Cutting • On-Site Fabrication • Welding Assistants • General Labourers

What do you value the most when using Labour Hire?

Fast Response Long Pay Terms Reliable Staff Expert HRs Other

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What you’ll get if you start using Spades today


Respectful attitude. WAY less stress within your team.
Skills and experience. We work with veteran labourers and tradesmen.
Proactive mindset. THINKING workers that don't micromanagement and won't idle.
Self-Managing Labourers. Workers that bridge the communication between their supervisor and our allocator. One less thing for you to worry about.

In the office:

Order by phone, text or App, in seconds. As simple as it can be.
Digital timesheets. Signatures are collected by the worker using Spades App and embedded directly into the invoice. No more dirty paperwork.
GPS Tracking. Never get hours stolen from you again. Workers are tracked via GPS at the moment of the timesheet signature.

And the basics:

We're fully insured. Workers Comp, Public Liability and Indemnity.
Well managed staff. Properly paid, inducted, instructed and well looked after.
Helpful support. We understand that YOUR success is OUR success. We do our best to make sure your project is getting done right.

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We only deal in Skilled Labourers or Professional Labourers, below that is unacceptable because we want to give our clients top-quality service that really makes them bounce back to us because we believe in strong bondage.

Yes, they are. We rarely have cases of no-shows or bad performance.

Besides that, we have systems in place to avoid surprises and a clear conduct manual to fly our flag of construction recruitment, and labour hire high above the sky.

We do take orders for the following business day if made before 3 pm. Our intention is to be top of line labour hire in Sydney, and that is why we strongly suggest 2-3 days’ notice for us to make sure you will receive a great candidate.

We will give you our best and most skilled labourer staff to make you happy and keep you from diverting agencies.

We won't charge you if you dismiss the worker during the first hour of work.

If not, we may charge you for the 4 hours minimum as per the contract of our skilled labour milestone.

We don't guarantee a same-day response as our schedules for fabrication work. If you require professional welders, we recommend getting in touch 1 week prior to the working date for us to be able to provide the best candidate.

Yes, in the case of long hires auto-debit payments.

We do have release fees in place for this possible scenario.

Our construction recruitment and labour hire company works in evident ways. Once the contract is signed, we will put you in touch with our allocator.

The professional labourers will be instructed as well to follow the complete guidelines from the client.

After the proper introductions, you can order by call, text, or via our app.

Download the app, add your company details, create your profile, and start hiring. The whole process should take 2-5 minutes.

Our allocator will receive the work order instantly.

Workers collect their supervisor's signature on-site using the Spades App - A link to the timesheet is shared in our digital invoice.

Our workers are also tracked via GPS at the moment of the timesheet submission.

Check our Labour Hire Services Rates sheet now!

It explains everything you need to know about our services and how we can make your project run faster and smoother.

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