Piling Labour Hire Sydney

Here’s what you SHOULD KNOW about
WE KNOW about Piling

Piling recruitment and hiring piling labourers has never been easy. Only skilled spotters can get it done neatly and accurately.

Our services for labour hire in Sydney are progressive in terms of piling work as we dedicate ourselves to clients’ satisfaction.


We do that by providing fast response, good communication, and experienced piling labourers for all types of Piling.

Screw Piling, Sheet Piling, Bored, and CFA Piling are tricky trades.

There are a lot of scenarios when steering piles into the ground; similarly, there are angles and techniques that you can only learn about if you live through them or have a great experience while working with skilled labourers.

👉 We know that qualified staff is a blessing. We envision ourselves to become the most well-oriented piling labour hire in Sydney.



Having a close relationship
with our clients and workers

improves the quality of our service.



Completely Insured by

Workers Compensation

Public Liability and Indemnity.



Labourers available for

the next business day

around Sydney Metro Area.



The perfect mix of skill, discipline and systems provides you the best bang for your buck.

Luckily, Spades was founded to supply piling companies in the construction industry before we expanded to the whole market.

When we said “We know how to do this” to a few project managers from piling companies who called us in the past, they laughed. But as soon as we sent the first spotters, general and skilled labourers for piling they became our loyal customers.

👉 Are you working with Screw, Bored, Sheet, or CFA Piles? Time to hire your last labour provider.

Spades Labour Hire Sydney usually offers to Piling Companies:

• Piling Spotters (screw piling, CFA piling, Bored Piling  • Reliable Piling General Labourers  • Skilled Piling Labourers • Site Cleaners (unskilled Labour)  • Piling Leading Hands  • Licenced Labourers (Ticket Holders) • Traffic Controllers •  Welders

• Oxy Cutters • Operators • Drivers • And much more.



Solve it today

Choosing a labour hire in Sydney can be a challenge. They all seem the same from the outsite.


👉Download our Guide and get some clarity on what questions you should be asking.

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 Things to know about us:

Spades provide reliable and committed workers that will be your right hands on-site, without breaking the bank. When it comes to Spades Labour Hire in Sydney: Quality pays for itself.

What you’ll get if you start using Spades today:


✅ Respectful attitude. WAY less stress within your team.
Skills and experience. We work with veteran labourers and tradesmen.
Proactive mindset. THINKING workers that don't micromanagement and won't idle.
Self-Managing labourers. Workers that bridge the communication between their supervisor and our allocator. One less thing for you to worry about.

In the office:

Order by phone, text or App, in seconds. As simple as it can be.
Digital timesheets. Signatures are collected by the worker using Spades App and embedded directly into the invoice. No more dirty paperwork.
GPS tracking. Never get hours stolen from you again. Workers are tracked via GPS at the moment of the timesheet signature.

And the basics:

We're fully insured. Workers Comp, Public Liability and Indemnity.
Well managed staff. Properly paid, inducted, instructed and well looked after.
Helpful support. We understand that YOUR success is OUR success. We do our best to make sure your project is getting done right.



The answer is TECH.

We developed the Spades App to allocate and track workers, collect timesheet signatures and create Invoices. That is how we keep our overhead super low and you enjoy the best ROI across the labour hire industry.

YOU too can use our app! Learn more.

Piling Labour Hire FAQs

▶️ Does Spades' Workers Have Experience in Piling?

Yes, we've currently had many active piling clients (screw, bored, and CFA). Our Labourers and Tradesman are familiar with the challenges of the trade.

▶️ Does Spades Provides Piling Spotters

Yes, we do have full-time piling spotters that can keep piles and augers straight as well as create off-sets for measuring and precision.

▶️ Can I cancel due to rain?

We allow cancellations free of charge within 12 hrs of job start for piling labourers and tradesmen.

Our labour hire crew will check the weather for you and let get in touch when in doubt if the hire should be cancelled.

▶️ Are your Piling Labourers and Spotters Reliable?

Yes, they are. We rarely have cases of no-shows or bad performance.

Besides that, we have systems in place to avoid surprises and a clear conduct manual to keep our standards high

▶️ How much notice do I need to give before hiring Piling Labourers?

We do take orders for the following business day if made before 3 pm. Our intention is to be top of line piling labour hire in Sydney and that is why we strongly suggest 2-3 days’ notice for us to make sure you will receive a great candidate. 

We will give you our best and most skilled labourer staff to make you happy and keep you from diverting agencies

▶️ What if I don't like the worker Spades sends me?

We won't charge you if you dismiss the worker during the first hour of work.

If not, we may charge you for the 4 hours minimum as per the contract of our piling labourers.

▶️ Do you send piling labourers on the same day?

We don't guarantee a same-day response for piling labourers since it requires specific skills.


If you require General Labourers or Skilled labourers, we recommend getting in touch 2-3 days prior to the working date for us to be able to provide the best candidate.

▶️ Are the rates negotiable?
Yes in the case of long hires auto-debit payments.

▶️ What if I want to employ one of the Spades' workers directly?

We do have release fees in place for this possible scenario.

▶️ How do I hire Civil Labourers in Sydney? 
Our construction recruitment and civil labour hire company works in evident ways. Once the contract is signed, we will put you in touch with our allocator.

The professional labourers will be instructed as well to follow the complete guidelines from the client. After the proper introductions, you can order by call, text, or via our app.

▶️ How do I hire using Spades Labour Hire App?

Download our Spades Labour Hire app, add your company details, create your profile, and start hiring. The whole process should take 2-5 minutes.

Our allocator will receive the work order instantly.

▶️ How do I know if Worked hours are correct? 

Workers collect their supervisor's signature on-site using the Spades App - A link to the timesheet is shared in our digital invoice.

Our workers are also tracked via GPS at the moment of the timesheet submission.


Sign up in 2 minutes.

  • Hire and manage workers: Create a job, hire workers, and manage orders in seconds - No more phone calls. < video

  • Sign Timesheets: Paperless process.
    All signatures are embedded on online invoices.


  • Manage Invoices: Never lose track of your pending invoices and expenses.