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Spades Labour Hire - FIELD MANUAL

Updated: May 27, 2022

Our Field Manual for Labourers and Tradesman Powered by Spades - A COMPLETE GUIDE for how to behave and be successful on construction sites

▶️We’ve created a field manual in which you will find the guidelines that we require in order to keep our standards high.

Spades Labour Hire values more than anything having professional, polite workers and we stand for an industry that values people.

Even though this is a manual of conduct that we share with our workers, these rules are universal and they can be applied to roughly any construction workers in the industry. So:

  • If you are among the Spades’ workers, you will be required to follow this guide (it will serve as a success guide as well).

  • If you are a Spades client, now you know our guidelines and we will let you hold us accountable for not following them.

  • If you manage workers in the construction business, consider it as a suggestion to implement in your company/or team.

✅This being said, here are the things you should know:

What you need to know BEFORE THE JOB STARTS

As soon as you receive your next job details, here's a quick checklist for you to follow to make sure you’re all set for the job.

  • Be sure you have the minimum requirements.

Even though we keep a good record of a worker's skills and capabilities, you are the only one that completely understands your limitations and knows your previous experience.

⚠️This means that once you receive the job details and description, you should only accept the jobs that you’re 100% sure you can deliver.

Never apply for a job in which you don’t have the skills, physical requirements, or feel comfortable enough to deliver a good service. It's dangerous!

✅Furthermore, DO NOT accept work if you are not feeling well. It may cause you to delay your recovery.

  • Always check the job address in Google Maps.

Make sure you put the address in Google Maps and check if you can be there 15 MINUTES before JOB START.

Be sure that you have enough time to travel and if you need to leave early or arrive late, let your allocator and your job site supervisor know as soon as possible.

  • Know who you working with - client name and supervisor

Make sure you know what you will be doing, who you will be working with, and for (company name and supervisor name and number). This information is very important when filling out your timesheets.

⚠️Ask your allocator for details if you have not received it.

Search for your supervisor as soon as you get on site.

  • Have the right PPE

Boots, a High-vis shirt, and a hard hat are the minimum requirements for any construction sites. ALWAYS have those in hand.

In addition, we suggest you have gloves, sunscreen, safety glasses, a hat, and hearing protection.

*Always check if your job site requires long-sleeves and pants.

**Make sure the job you are performing does not require any extra PPE.

  • Have your Timesheet and Pen ready.

The timesheet is very important. It represents the proof that you’ve worked that day.

📝 Even if you cannot collect the signature with Spades APP, we will still need proof of work. In this case, you need to be printed timesheets*.

⚠️If you down have a template, please ask your supervisor for a paper and write down the job details.

  • Always SHOW UP and be ON TIME.

Remember that construction is teamwork. No-shows usually result in projects getting slower and are not much appreciated. This can only lead in one direction which is you having a bad name.

Of course, emergencies happen. So, if you need to cancel due to any reason, cancel as soon as you know that you will not be able to work.

⚠️Keep your allocator and supervisor informed if you will be late!


We, at Spades, know that to keep growing and help our employers grow along with us, we need to be seen and remembered as a company that provides excellent service.

👉You will be on a Spades client job construction site. As an employee we expect you to treat our clients respectfully, politely, and as well as you can.

The first measure of how much of a good worker you are is how professional and responsible you can be.

Regardless of the job, YOU will always be responsible for the quality of YOUR WORK and attention to detail and be held accountable for it.

📢“Do the right thing, even when nobody's watching”.

That’s a quick definition of what work ethic and that is what we expect of you.


  • Be on time. Being late means that you will most probably cause other workers to have to wait for you, and in the worst-case scenario, you may miss induction and not be able to work at all. Because of that, try to always schedule your arrival 10-15 minutes earlier. Don't put yourself under the weather conditions and call it an excuse.

  • If you notice you will be late, call to inform your allocator about the situation as soon as possible.

  • Introduce yourself respectfully. Say your name, who you work for, what you came to do, etc.

  • Keep the respect. Always use polite words such as “Good Morning”, “Thanks”, “Excuse me”, and “Sorry”. Don’t use them only when talking to your supervisor, but to all workers on the construction site.

  • Show interest in the job. Find out what you need to do and what is expected of you in the work environment as soon as possible.

  • Be Proactive. Do not wait for your supervisor to tell you what to do and work independently. Look for work. Sometimes simple actions like collecting the rubbish or other manual work without being told to do so may get you moving ahead.

  • Plan your work. Always try to understand the purpose of what you’re doing and the physical demands in it, and try to think ahead as much as possible through attention to detail.

  • Be humble. If there is something that you don't understand, ask again. Ask your supervisor to demonstrate if necessary.

  • If you made a mistake, admit it as soon as possible

  • Your posture on any construction sites says a lot about you. Because of that, mind your body language and try to show yourself openly to work.

  • Avoid the excessive use of phones during work hours. This doesn’t apply only for calls but also for texting or calling as well as social media. Use your breaks for that or ask permission.

  • Let your supervisor know of any questions you may have and also any suggestions about how things could be done better. If you lack something you can request quickly on the job training.

  • Be organised. As mentioned above, have your PPE in order, timesheet, and pen available. Keep your tools and construction equipment, if you have them, organized. This applies also to job power tools.

  • Use company shirts as much as possible. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of them. Try to keep them clean as much as possible. You can always let us know if you need extra shirts.

  • Remember: You are responsible for the job that has been given to you and for being professional.

  • Have integrity. Be truthful to your word.

⚠️We all have bad days and long weeks. Always ask yourself what is the professional thing to do, even when you’re having a bad day.

​👉 Do not let tiredness be your excuse to slack at work. Always be honest about not feeling fit to work and let your supervisor know that you’re not feeling too good for whatever reason it may be.


At the end of the day, everyone wants to go home, but remember there are VERY IMPORTANT things to do

  • Sign your timesheet.

Again, the timesheet is very important.

It represents the proof that you’ve worked that day.

In case of any trouble collecting your signature get in touch with your allocator ASAP!

  • Ask for feedback and advice

Ask your supervisor to forward the feedback to the Allocator as well, so he will also know you are a good construction worker!

  • Ask if you should come back the next day.

Part of being professional is taking care of your client.

Ask your supervisor if he needs you the next day, or what are his plans for the near future. This way, you can pass the information on to the Allocator.

  • Text your allocator ASAP for further information and instructions.

Always call or text your allocator as soon as the work finishes. By doing so, your allocator will know if he should allocate you somewhere else the next day.

⚠️ Many times, neither workers nor supervisors let the allocator know that the job has ended, which causes the construction worker to have an unwanted day off.

We are on the SAME TEAM!

Spades values brotherhood. The same way we ask you to be professional, we commit to being fair. It is very important that you report any situation in which you felt that you’ve been disrespected or bullied.

Don’t hesitate to share with your allocator your thoughts and suggestions.

What is in for YOU

Executing what we’ve just mentioned is the basic requirements to be seen as a good worker and being a good worker is only the first step to growing in your career and having a successful full time job.

Use it to your advantage and let it be your differential and what makes you stand out.

The simple things that we’ve mentioned in this text make a HUGE difference in how fast you can grow with us.

If you perform well, soon you will be considered one of the Spades’ top workers and you will be prioritised for the best and most well-paid jobs.

We keep track of your performance by asking the clients how they felt about your work, so make sure you deliver a good service and everyone will gain.

👉 Do you want to go the extra mile and advance in the ranking for better opportunities? KEEP READING!


⚡BONUS: What to do to EXCEED.

Spades values any construction worker that wants to grow with us as well as ambition as a whole. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are there ways to improve?

Could I have done things better?

How can I grow in my career?

Talk to one of Spades manager. We will help you to get promoted and make more money! Please think of what you want to achieve in the long run and let's discuss how we can help you get there.

Click HERE to find out how to make more $$$! In this 15 minutes read you will learn everything you need to know to become an exceptional (and well-paid) worker.

Thank you. Have a great week.



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