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Renovation Labour Hire Sydney

Working hard is as important as an eye for detail.

*If you're actually looking for Renovation Labouring JOBS? 👆Click Here

Renovation in Sydney always involve lots of competent, General and Skilled Labourers


⚠️You (or your foreman on-site) sometimes may get overwhelmed managing your renovation just to make sure everything is perfect and the owner is pleased. You can't do that if you have to micromanage everyone.

Work ethic • Professionalism • Responsibility.

These are the words we pound the table on.

Besides getting workers that deliver hard work on site you will get a sound support team in the office.

Renovation is a tricky trade for a simple reason: 

You’re usually working face-to-face with the owner.


You have to keep your jobsite looking good while you keep a good working pace.


But what happens things start to pick up and our heroes find themselves buried in work that could be delegated and out of helping hands? That is where we come in.

Spades' promise is to help give you the extra hands that are used to working in renovation jobs.

With us, you will need to deliver projects faster without getting overburden.


✅ Besides that, Spades has affordable rates and staff are presentable and professional in their work. Your clients will be amazed!

What if you could get Labourers and Tradesmen who have a work ethic without paying an expensive labour-hire? Well, now you can.

👉 What you need are proper renovation workers that will get on-site and get things done as if they are your own employees.

Spades Differentials


Save THOUSANDS in bookkeeping
with our Detailed Invoicing.


1 - Detailed Worked Hours.
Easy to check start, break, and finish times as well as any overtime and allowances collected through digital timesheets straight from the field

2 - Total Hours and Suburb.

Totals Broken down by worker and location

3 -  Links to Digital Timesheets.

Check signatures by link. No need for paperwork ,pictures, SMS or phone calls.


4 - GPS and Pictures

Gety clarity on timesheet accuracy and legitimacy.



Having a close relationship
with our clients and workers

improves the quality of our service.



Completely Insured by

Workers Compensation

Public Liability and Indemnity.



Labourers available for

the next business day

around Sydney Metro Area.



The perfect mix of skill, discipline and systems provides you the best bang for your buck.

QUALITY Workers, Faster and Cheaper


Being cheap for us does not mean cutting corners.

We've developed smart, efficient operations.


Low overheads mean that we're able to pour our resources back into what matters most - delivering top-notch service to our clients and treating our workers right.


✔️ Get a fully insured workforce. 

Who gets paid well and on time.

✔️ Uber-like feedback system.

Get workers who work hard and safely. Our feedback system allows us to constantly monitor and improve our service.

✔️ Order workers and get responses from staff or from our AI bots 24/7.

How to Start

Takes just a few minutes.

Our team will run the checks, onboard you and answer any questions.


You are ready

to put your

work order in.


Click on

Check Spades Rates 

and fill out the form.



We BEAT or MATCH our competitors

We're committed to giving you the best value for your money.

Check Rates Now

Renovation WORK

Need workers on site FAST.

Get our full Spades Labour Hire Sydney rates guide and put your Work Order in a few minutes.


Sydney Labour Hire Rates Guide

Spades Book

Need a PLACEMENT alternative?

Some clients love our workers so much they want to keep them around.

If you're looking to recruit full-time workers OR you're considering the possibility of onboarding labourers and tradesmen who perform in accordance with your expectations, check our placement solutions and fees. 

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