Here is the difference between

General Labourers and Skilled Labourers

General Labourers

✔️  1-2 years of experience.
✔️  Consistently improving track record.
✔️  The choice for physical, heavy duty tasks.
✔️  Need occasional supervision.

Skilled Labourers

✅  Over 2 years of experience.
✅  Proven track record of performance.
✅  Perfect for more elaborated, delicate tasks.
✅  Competent to work nearly unsupervised.


How to pick the right labourers to hire?

Here is what you should know.

Most builders give General Labourers work that should be performed by Skilled Labourers thinking they will SAVE money and that turns out to be a mistake.

👉 Choosing the construction workers with the RIGHT skill set for the task at hand is always the cheapest choice. Quality SAVES money.

Here's when you need to hire General Labourers

  • You need workers that can perform all the physical work on your site.

  • You need workers that got good skills with most commonly used tools.

  • Examples: Jackhammering, Digging, Drilling, Grinding, Cutting, Cleaning etc.

Here's when you need to hire Skilled Labourers

  •  You want workers capable of making decisions. Ones who can think through the tasks and suggest solutions.

  • You want to get things done quickly.

  • You want workers who can solve problems in your absence.

Pro TipTo make the right decision:

Consider the job at hand and reflect on what is the best option for you.


Hire labourers in Sydney right now!
Our allocators will get notified in real time and get in touch to discuss the rates if we find a suitable candidate.


Hiring construction workers has never been so easy!

✔️ Save time by not having to worry about workers who don't show up or do the wrong thing.

✔️ Get peace of mind knowing that you're hiring reliable labourers that work safely.

✔️ Reduce the chances of fraud with GPS tracking and digital timesheets.

✔️ Order workers via SMS or form 24/7.

Labour Hire in ONE Minute.

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Quality Labourers make hard work seem it Seem EASY.

Have you ever hired workers from the cheapest labour provided you could find and end up with an unhelpful crew and a stuck job costing you a fortune?


Poor communication or poor skill and professionalism lead to more mistakes and wasted time. This means — DOUBLE LOSS.

Quality Labourers

✅ Show up every day on time.

✅ Work the job as expected.

✅ Communicate well and politely.

✅ Need way less supervision and hand-holding.

✅ Are reliable and responsible.

✅ Save your time by making fewer mistakes.

✅ Get work done quickly and are proactive.

Poor Labourers

❌ Don't show up.

❌ Are clueless about the job.

❌ Need to be micromanaged.

❌ Don't understand instructions.

❌ Lack skills or underperform.

❌ More expensive mistakes on site.

❌ Work slower / Less motivated.

When it comes to Labour Hire, quality pays for itself.

Here is the is what quality Labourers can provide you.


Want to check the Labour Hire rates first?

Here they are.


Sydney full
Labour Hire 

Price Guide 2022

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all our Sydney Labour Hire portfolio,

labour hire terms, rates and insurances.

Spades Book

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for the next day 


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6am to 8pm

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your work orders

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Projects executed

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Having a close relationship
with our clients and workers

improves the quality of our service.



Completely Insured by

Workers Compensation

Public Liability and Indemnity.

More Reasons to Spades Labour Hire.

One of the BEST recruitment and labour hire agencies in Sydney.



Labourers available for

the next business day

around Sydney Metro Area.



The perfect mix of skill, discipline and systems provides you the best bang for your buck.

What Sets Our Labourers Apart?

Simple: We look after our Labourers and Tradesmen well.
Happy, motivated workers are better construction workers.

Taking care of our workers goes beyond giving them a job, a shirt, and a paycheque.


✅ People are our priority.

We're committed to providing our workers with a physically and psychologically safe workplace. Being connected with our workers makes them feel a part of the community and something bigger than themselves.


✅ Frequent meetings, calls, and events

We regularly engage with our workers personally. We find the best position and opportunities for each worker that align with their ambitions.


✅ Teamwork and Morale

We care about each other's development, wellbeing, and morale. This is what keeps the productivity of our workers high.

✅ Open to Feedback

Sometimes the best ideas come from the workers on the field. We proactively listen, assess, and improve our workflows and processes.


✅ Shared success

Our guys understand that the client's success is their success. The happier the client, the better future we have. Happy, motivated workers are good workers.

 Spades Labour Hire Sydney usually offers companies like yours:

• Skilled Labourers specialised in YOUR trade • Reliable General Labourers • Site Cleaners (unskilled Labour) • Leading Hands • Licenced Labourers (Ticket Holders) • Traffic Controllers • Operators (Excavator, Manitou, Forklift, etc.) • And much more


Having trouble finding
a labour supplier?

Solve it today.

Choosing a labour hire in Sydney can be a challenge. They all seem the same from the outsite.


👉Download our Guide and get some clarity on what questions you should be asking.

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 Things to know about Spades Labour Hire:

Spades provide reliable and committed workers that will be your right hands on-site, without breaking the bank. When it comes to Spades Labour Hire in Sydney: Quality pays for itself.

What you’ll get if you start using Spades today:


✅ Respectful attitude. WAY less stress within your team.
Skills and experience. We work with veteran labourers and tradesmen.
Proactive mindset. THINKING workers that don't micromanagement and won't idle.
Self-Managing labourers. Workers that bridge the communication between their supervisor and our allocator. One less thing for you to worry about.

In the office:

Order by phone, text or App, in seconds. As simple as it can be.
Digital timesheets. Signatures are collected by the worker using Spades App and embedded directly into the invoice. No more dirty paperwork.
GPS tracking. Never get hours stolen from you again. Workers are tracked via GPS at the moment of the timesheet signature.

And the basics:

We're fully insured. Workers Comp, Public Liability and Indemnity.
Well managed staff. Properly paid, inducted, instructed and well looked after.
Helpful support. We understand that YOUR success is OUR success. We do our best to make sure your project is getting done right.

Afraid of the Labour Hire Rates?
Don't be.


▶️ Allocate laboures and tradesmen.

▶️ Track field workers location and times.

▶️ Collect supervisor' signature.

▶️ Generates Invoices automatically with Linked proof of work.

and much more.


How do we offer quality at competitive rates?


The answer is TECH.

Tech and automation have helped us eliminate a lot of manual, time-consuming work.

Spades App has streamlined labour hire form the building site to the office. 

Spades Labour Hire App makes it effortless manage our construciton workforce.

This keeps our labour hire overhead super low.

This means Spades allows you o enjoy the best ROI across any recruitment and labour hire services.

YOU too can use our app!

Hire labourers in Sydney using Spades App

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  • Hire and manage workers: Create a job, hire workers, and manage orders in seconds - No more phone calls. < video

  • Sign Timesheets: Paperless process.
    All signatures are embedded on online invoices.


  • Manage Invoices: Never lose track of your pending invoices and expenses.