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What is the difference between

General Labourers and Skilled Labourers?


General Labourers

✔️  1-2 years of experience.
✔️  Consistently improving track record.
✔️  The choice for physical, heavy duty tasks.
✔️  Need occasional supervision.

Skilled Labourers

✅  Over 2 years of experience.
✅  Proven track record of performance.
✅  Perfect for more elaborated, delicate tasks.
✅  Competent to work nearly unsupervised.

How to pick the right labourers to hire?

Here is what you should know.

Most builders give General Labourers work that should be performed by Skilled Labourers thinking they will SAVE money and that turns out to be a mistake.

👉 Choosing the construction workers with the RIGHT skill set for the task at hand is always the cheapest choice. Quality SAVES money.

Labourer 4.png

Here's when you need to hire General Labourers

  • Can perform all the physical work on your site.

  • Got good skills with most commonly used tools.

  • Examples: Jackhammering, Digging, Drilling, Grinding, Cutting, Cleaning etc.


Here's when you need to hire Skilled Labourers

  • Capable of making decisions.

  • Can think through the tasks and suggest solutions.

  • Use Smaller tools like drills, hammers and take mesurements.

  • Can solve problems in your absence.

Pro TipTo make the right decision:

Consider the job at hand and reflect on what is the best option for you.

In Labour Hire, quality pays for itself.

Have you ever hired workers from the cheapest labour provided you could find and end up with an unhelpful crew and a stuck job costing you a fortune?


Poor communication or poor skill and professionalism lead to more mistakes and wasted time. This means — DOUBLE LOSS.

Quality Workers

✅ Show up every day on time.

✅ Work the job as expected.

✅ Communicate well and politely.

✅ Need way less supervision and hand-holding.

✅ Are reliable and responsible.

✅ Save your time by making fewer mistakes.

✅ Get work done quickly and are proactive.

Poor Workers

❌ Don't show up.

❌ Are clueless about the job.

❌ Need to be micromanaged.

❌ Don't understand instructions.

❌ Lack skills or underperform.

❌ More expensive mistakes on site.

❌ Work slower / Less motivated.

Time to check the Labour Hire rates?

Here they are.


Sydney full Labour Hire Price Guide

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labour hire terms, rates and insurances.

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