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Warehouse Labour Hire

Efficiency, accuracy and safety.

Warehouse workers on fast response.

Volume is picking up?
Or maybe you just don't want to deal with so many paychecks?

Get the workforce you need on light-speed response.

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Find work with Spades Labour Hire

We're always looking for:

  • General and skilled labourers,

  • All sorts of tradesmen,

  • Machine operators,

  • Truck Drivers and offsiders,

  • All sorts of Warehouse staff,

  • Events staff.


Jobs all around Sydney.

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Services Warehouses and workshops usually rely on us for

  • Site Cleaners

  • General Hands

  • Skilled Labourers

  • Pick/Packers

  • Stock Managers

  • Forklift Drivers

  • Manitou Drivers

  • Warehouse Supervisors

  • Traffic Controllers
    and much more.


Keep reading to see why we are the best option for you.


Trusted by major brands



To capture major warehouses clients in Sydney we've

got to guarantee one thing: captal efficiency.

When we're dealing with hundreds of workers for our clients (that includes a major electronics supplier), keeping the quality high while dropping the cost is a MUST.


Spades isn't just playing the game;


We're developing systems that are setting a new standard in the warehouse labour hire industry, leaving big names not just satisfied, but blown away

Give your crew a turbo boost, without the hefty price ta. We're optimised!

  • Multiple double and triple digits labour hire clients.

  • Over 300 skilled workers deployed to a single client.

  • Proven partnership with industry giants, testifying to our excellence

  • Commitment to elevating standards in quality, safety, and productivity



Get your workshop - factory - warehouse in sync like an orchestra today.


Finally, you can hire workers that will get things moving easy and fast with no hiccups.

What you need are proper warehouse workers that will be on time, work safely and get things done as if they are old members of your own team.

Well, here is the fix for you.

Here's how Spades optimised warehouses and factories.

  • Reliability: We've got warehouse staff who show up and shine, not shy away.

  • Oversight: Keep an eye on your schedules and workers anytime with our 24/7 online hire system.

  • Transparency: No guesswork - our invoices come with a detailed report of worked hours and supervisor signatures.

  • Fast deployment: Need a hand pronto? We'll have your back by next day.

  • Leading HR support: Get a workforce that has ongoing support that looks after their technical and practical needs. 



Time to take action.

Ready to turn the volume up on your warehouse?

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Super fast response!


Warehouse labour hire

On Site

Work ethic • Professionalism • Reliability

Workers who will get things done as if they are your own employees.


Exellencesolid like brick work.


Our proven track record with major construction and warehouse brands showcases our ability to adapt, scale, and deliver quality consistently.

  • Respectful attitude. Less stress within your team and other tradesmen.

  • Skills and experience. Work with veteran labourers and tradesmen.

  • Proactive mindset. Workers that don't micromanagement and won't idle.

  • Flexible and easy hiring. Hire, cancel and put workers on stand by via Spades platform or just by texting our staff.

  • Times and Stars. Timesheets that include time, GPS, feedback, pictures and a five-star feedback system. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Self-Managing workforce. Workers trained to bridge the communication between their supervisor and our allocator. One less thing for you to worry about.



Fairly paid and insured workers

We ensure every worker is compensated in full compliance with fair work laws, insured according to work cover standards, and receives their rightful superannuation.

This isn't just about adhering to regulations.

it's about respecting and valuing the hard work and dedication of our workforce.

How it's like to work with us

Welding Longer.gif
White play b utton_edited.png

Our Goals:

✔️ Deploy Quality Workers in Record Time.

✔️ Optimise costs. Provide the best Bang for Buck.
✔️ Bring the "Humans" back to HR.

Check Video to see how we do it.

In the Office

Speed • Transparency • Resposibility

Our proven track record with major construction and warehouse brands showcases our ability to adapt, scale, and deliver quality consistently.


Light speed labour hire


We've got allocators available to respond to your text and calls around that clock.

But that is not enough.

We want it faster.

We want it instantly.


Use Spades platform to manage all aspects of labour hire online, in real time.

  • Order workers in a few clicks.

  • Visualise all contracts

  • Get access to all inductions and SWMS

  • Access AI support 24/7

  • Communicate with your designed allocator.




Streamlined invoices

Paper timesheets are going extinct.

We went fully digital, and we linked to our invoices.


And then, we took it to the next level.


Every Spades invoices has the following:

  • Entry, break and finish times.

  • Supervisor digital signature

  • Timestamped GPS entry

  • Uber-like feedback system

  • Pictures as backup.

Never get an unfaily charged minute to your invoice. Go bulletproof.

Get more boots on the ground today.

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Access Sydney
Labour Hire Rates

Spades Book

Features that makes us special

Not your everyday labour provider.


Labour Hire Online Platform

Manage your jobs, team, workers' timesheets and provide feedback online.


Recruitment & Placement Services

Get full-time workers and manage them yourself.


24'7 AI Chatbot Support.

Got Questions?

Ask Anything.

Our bot can answer questions from workers or clients.


More reasons to use Spades

Way beyond just a labour hire service.

Safest, Most Ethical Choice.


✔️ Fair Work abiding rates.

✔️ Workers Comp Insurance.

✔️ Public Liability Insurance.

✔️ Background Checks.

✔️ Immigration Checks.

✔️ Police Checks.

Spades Man Shadow.png
Spades Man Shadow.png

People First

Spades Vision

Labour Hire is about people.

What really matters is the relationship with our workers and clients.


Having trouble

choosing a supplier?

👉 Download our Labour Hire GUIDE to find out what questions you should be asking your future labour provider. 

*Quick Read *Smartphone Friendly

Starting with Spades

Takes just a few minutes.

Our team will run the checks, onboard your business and answer any questions.


You are ready

to put your

work order in.


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Lock in The Best Market Rates.

Spades Labour Hire has special offers for clients that are willing to user our online platform and meet certain conditions.

Would you qualify?

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Found better rates? We'll match it.

We are proud of being one of the most efficient Labour Hire companies there is, and we are ready to take it to the bank.

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