We do hire backpackers as long as they have the necessary skills and experience level that we demand. We look forth the quality and work ethic of Spades Staff. As a decorative skill job agency, the workers we send will always behave professionally and have enough skills to do the job with quality. 

We have been on the verge of delivering the best labour work an agency can offer and income-oriented backpacker jobs in Sydney.

Yes, they are. We rarely have cases of no-shows or bad performance.

Besides that, we have systems in place to avoid surprises and a clear conduct manual to fly our flag of construction recruitment, and labour hire high above the sky.

We do take orders for the following business day if made before 3 pm. We intend to be top of line labour hire in Sydney, and that is why we strongly suggest 2-3 days’ notice for us to make sure you will receive a great candidate. 

We will give you our best and most skilled labourer staff to make you happy and keep you from diverting agencies.

We won't charge you if you dismiss the worker during the first hour of work.

If not, we may charge you for the 4 hours minimum as per the contract of our construction labourers.

We don't guarantee a same-day response as our schedules for construction work might become tolerated. If you require skilled labour, we recommend getting in touch 2-3 days prior to the working date.

Labour hire is not expensive at all if you compare to the hidden costs of construction workers (like the taxes, leaves, fees, plus all the time invested in actually locating and keeping good workers happy). 

However, some labour recruitment agencies make things unexpectedly expensive that the client thinks it is out of their budget pocket.

Not cheaper, but better.

We are confident that our systems/processes and the close relationship we have with our workers lead us to be among the most reliable Labour Hire companies around.

Keep in mind that competent workers work FASTER, and reliable workers ALWAYS SHOW UP. Cheap labour hires can't promise you that.

Yes, in the case of long hires auto-debit payments.

We do have release fees in place for this possible scenario.

Our construction recruitment and labour hire company works in evident ways. Once the contract is signed, we will put you in touch with our allocator.

The professional labourers will be instructed as well to follow the complete guidelines from the client.

After the proper introductions, you can order by call, text, or via our app.

Download the app, add your company details, create your profile, and start hiring. The whole process should take 2-5 minutes.

Our allocator will receive the work order instantly.

Workers collect their supervisor's signature on-site using the Spades App - A link to the timesheet is shared in our digital invoice.

Our workers are also tracked via GPS at the moment of the timesheet submission.

Yes. Workers Comp, Public Indemnity, and Liability.

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