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Payroll Query

⚠️ Before submitting a query:

1.  Check WorkLog

If you Can't Access the log, ask your allocator for a copy of the entries and check them before going ahead.

2. Make sure bank details are correct. 

3. Missing TFN forms or cancelled ABN numbers may cause you not to be paid on time.

4. If you received an email you were paid!
The money is between banks. It may take up to 48h for the first transaction to come through.

5. Check your SPAM folder for emails from

Need more detail?
Watch the video below

1.  TS submission (0:36)

2. WorkLog (1:32)

3. Pay Time (3:32)

4. Banking details (4:30)

5. Missing, incorrect or cancelled TFN or ABN numbers. (5:45)

6. If you received an email you were paid.(7:11)

Check frequently asked questions

Still need help?

Fill out the form below.

*Our bookkeeping team is active between Monday and Wednesday.

Expect an update on these days.

⚠️ Please provide accurate data so our bookkeepers can help you.

Thank you!

*Our bookkeepers

were notified.

Tips to get paid on time

and in full. 


  • Submit your timesheets with a supervisor's signature after every shift.

  • Make sure all days worked are submitted by Sunday EOD. 

  • Complete information submissions: submit signature, timing AM/PM, and correct client name you worked for, please pay attention to this as this demands more time for double checking.

  • Correct payment info: Bank details, email, valid ABN if ABN, if TFN: submission of TFN and Superannuation Form, Full name correct in the app (please ignore special characters such as accents or “ç”).



  • Payments will be made late on Monday, the time you receive the remittance/payslip in your email is the time that transactions are uploaded to the bank platform. If there is any delay you will be notified. 

  • Check your spam folder if you are not receiving remittances/payslips. Also, check if the correct email address is registered on the app.

  • Processing times of the bank transactions can take up to 48 hours from the date you have received the remittance/payslip email. This is an automatic email that means payment is processed. After this, there is nothing we can do. It depends on the bank.

  • For the new workers, the first payment transaction takes from 24h to 48h for the bank to process. Also on Public Holidays we normally experience some delays from bank processing.

  • Superannuation payments are done every quarter. We withhold the funds and transfer them to your designated account every four months.


  • Please make sure to notify us in case of a bank account change or email change.

  • You have not received any remittance or payslip until Monday end of day 12am and your information is correct in the App registration.

  • You have realised you missed some day submissions after Sunday. Please submit and notify us immediately. Adjustments will be made until Wed 12pm, after that, it will be reflected for the next pay run.

  • For TFN workers, please send your super details if you have one before the quarter closing date.

Payment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the cutoff date for timesheet submission?

Sunday end of the day. Payments will be processed on Monday.

I did not receive any payment notification on my email, when will I get paid?

You should receive payment remittance/payslip in your email by Monday end of the day (before 12am). If you have received payment will reflect on your account in the next 24 hours.

If you have not received any notification, please check your SPAM folder and if you have your email correctly registered in the app. Please notify us if your email is wrong.

I forgot to submit a day and it's past the cutoff date, what should I do?

Please notify your allocator and make missing submissions immediately.

If it's before Wednesday 12 pm: payment adjustment will be made. If after Wednesday 12 pm: payment will reflect on the next payroll.


Some cases will require the client double checking and signature so It's really mandatory that you collect your timesheets with your signature at the end of every shift.

Thank you

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