The Labours of Confidence!

Breaded In Sydney - Certified Professionals

Spades-LabourHire is a den of Labourers with profound expertise, fully insured to be one of the finest in the worker-resource network. Our clientele makes us who we are and nothing more, as we engrave ourselves towards providing cost-effective and proficient labours in need to handle general tasks on-site.

As a company for Labour hire in Sydney, we give people a chance to hone and use their technical building skills to provide quality results. Our database of strong and professional candidates speaks for itself as we make sure that our client-employee relationship remains in good health.
As to what extent we might reach for provided the best construction labourers for the best people, is only known to us because we are constantly making efforts to provide professional labour.
Construction labour hire in Sydney has never been easy and that is what we intend to change and upgrade.

Our Responsibility!

We understand the number of problems that are faced after hiring cheap labour with a professional inclination which is why we have established a company that serves evidently with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

“We aim to have open and honest relationships with both, clients, and our employees.”

Workers are delivered to your site in Sydney by us, and we keep ourselves accountable you updated via phone or text how far away they are.


Our workers are based in Sydney and are fully covered with workers comp, public indemnity, and liability that always is included in each hire.


Each worker is pre-trained with general skills to work with project managers quickly to be on-time and on-budget .


You approved billed timesheets that you submit on a 14-day cycle in one simple invoice .

Accountable Worker Management

Our track and report feature enables us and our clients to have thorough monitoring of the current location of the labour. We make sure that the client is updated via call and/or text about how far away our skilled labourers are at the moment.

Insured and Loaded

We are always prepared and ready for any liability issues. Spades-LabourHire reforms its ethics under complete insurance, fully covered with workers comp, public indemnity, and liability.

Ready To Work Labour

As one of the finest recruitment agencies in Sydney, we make sure that each worker is pre-trained with general skills of labour commonly known as professional labourers. Our project managers look after the labourers to be on time and on budget. As we portray fast response for clients, we aim to be even faster, reliable and efficient as well, in the coming future.

14-Day Billing Cycle

Our job is to make things easy, secure, and professionally toned for the client. Our clients will be able to organize their billing routine in a 14-day billing cycle in one simple invoice.


Urgent Next-Day - Workers will be provided next day for urgent hires in Sydney.


Workers will be provided next day for urgent hires in Sydney.


All workers come with workers comp, public indemnity, and liability insurance.

6 AM-8 PM

We are early risers, can our workers can be brought to your on-site during these hours.


We handle the workforce quality and liabilities and you worry about your work on-site.


Project manager’s have stakeholder requests to fulfill, our workers in Sydney come to you next day if needed.


All of our workers are insured and Spades-LabourHire support will answer any questions you have 24/7.


Taking care of our workers goes beyond giving them a job, a shirt, and a paycheck. We engage on a personal level through frequent meetings, calls, and company events.

Teamwork is more than being side by side. We care about each other’s development and wellbeing while keeping our productivity high.

We listen. Some of the best ideas come from the front lines. We seek to find the best position and opportunities for each worker that aligns with their ambitions and aspirations. With us, they see a better future. Happy, motivated workers are good workers.

We’ve found that building bridges between our labourers and our clients is an excellent way to increase the overall efficiency, productivity, and morale.

Our workers are family, and our client's business is our business too.


Spades was founded by construction workers. The type who keep seeing opportunities to add value in the process of bringing a project to life. As a result, we’ve helped clients with thousands of projects across different trades. We use this experience to make sure you get the right people with the right mindset, at the right place and time. We’ll help you with what you need to make your project go smoothly.


Founder and Director

He joined the construction industry as a labourer when he arrived in Australia. He learned how to weld and operate machines until the opened Spades and started to run his own teams. John now uses his background in marketing and his vision to guide Spades' growth.


Contract administrator

Anderson did labouring for bricklayer for years. That's how we know a guy is tough. When we hired him we didn't know about his management background. Anderson showed exceptional skills and became the bridge between clients and us.

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