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On this page, we will break down our origin, what we stand for, and everything we do to keep our quality high.

Origin Story

My name is John and I'm the founder and director at Spades labour hire Sydney.

I came to Australia in 2015. I’ve worked in construction as a labourer for labour-hire companies.

One thing I’ve noticed off the bat when I've worked for these companies is that none of them valued me as a worker nor cared If I did a decent enough job or not.

👉 Most of my coworkers - other labourers - seem very unappreciated or disconnected. The ultimate price was paid by the labour hire employer, who had to deal with a lacking workforce. 


Since I was doing my best, soon after became a spotter for a piling company. Not so long after I learned how to operate an excavator and soon later I was leading a team. It's incredible what a proactive mindset can do.

By then I already had experienced how it was to be a labourer and how it was to be a foreman on site. 

I’ve opened Spades in 2016 to supply my employer at the time with casual workers. By then I knew exactly what workers needed and foremen wanted.

The idea behind Spades was very simple. It was to create close relationships with the employees for them to do a great job for our clients. 

It worked well from day one and is the base for our mission.

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Spades Mission.


To provide employees with opportunities to grow.

Spades is a company that recognises its employees' efforts and is what makes us a great brand. We strive to provide them with guidance.


 To provide clients with talent and engaged workers.

Spades workers shall be known for their proactive attitude and professionalism regardless of the duties or length of the job.


To create a frictionless experience.

We bring innovation to the industry by keeping all our documents digital from the field to the office. This is how we save lots of time and heaps of paper.

These three guidelines allow us to strategies what we will do for Spades' future.

Here is how they translate as actions:

We're all in this together

Building has always been about teamwork.
Along the way the high demand caused construction workers and general labourers to get disconnected. Too casual about their jobs and less part of a team.

As a recruitment agency Sydney, people are our priority. We not only manage workers by allocating them, but we’re committed to providing them with a physically and psychologically safe workplace. Being connected with our workers is what makes workers feel part of something greater.

Empathy and trust.

Have empathy and creating trust are our goals. We create strong relationships with our workers and that is what makes our team great.

This is how teamwork should be.

Workers well being put first.

The Australian construction industry in Sydney is not a walk in the park. It can be a tough, gritty and dirty environment to be working in.

For many people this means jobs with long hours on site, dodging hazards and not working safely, and facing daily traffic can cause plenty of stress. It can also mean depression and drug abuse as they try desperately to find some sense through their day until the next payday.

Bringing the “human” back to human resources.

We care about our worker's mental and physical health by providing support and guidance to our workers to help them through tough times and stressful situations, to get them out of any dark place they might fall into as a result of their demanding jobs.

👉 Taking care of our workers goes beyond giving them jobs, shirts, and a paycheque. It's about developing meaningful relationships.


What happens next?

Our allocators will get notified in real time when about get in touch to discuss the rates when we select a suitable candidate.

Here is how it goes.



We confirm all the information with you.



We find workers available to do your job.



We get in touch with you to open an account.

Opening an account with Spades Labour Hire

is as easy as 1 • 2 • 3



You will recieve

the contract

along with the rates.



Share what type

of workers you

need and where.



Get your

job done


Spades office team



Director and Admin.

He joined the construction industry as a labourer when he arrived in Australia. He learned how to weld and operate machines until he opened Spades and started to run his own teams.



Contract Admin and Allocator


Anderson did labouring for bricklayers for years. That's how we know a guy is tough. When we hired him we didn't know about his management background.
Anderson showed exceptional skills and became the bridge between clients and us.

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