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Where Technology Meets Empathy.


Let's face it,

the blue-collar world's been craving for an update.

Spades is the revolution you didn't know you needed.


We're mixing cutting-edge tech with a healthy dose of humanity.


We envision a world where automation deals with the mechanical task and humans can focus on human connections.

We're crafting a future where work is not just a transaction, but a testament to human potential and connectivity.

But what does this means?
Let's break it down first.


Spades Mission.

To provide a Frictionless Labour Hire Experience


Demo Civil Labourer 2.png

Frictionless from the desk to the field

We are dedicated to advancing automated solutions that amplify our operational transparency.


By throwing our weight behind smart tech, we're not just boosting our game; we're setting a new standard in labour hire.


Tech focus means lightspeed operations and crystal-clear invoicing. 

We've developed our own software.


Which means


  • Faster client and worker responses.

  • Recruitment and filtering at scale.

  • Precise GPS stamped invoices.

  • Easy hiring and information aces
    and much more.


Plus, being high tech allowe tighter bonds with our clients and a top-notch service that doesn't break the bank. 

Spades Vision.

To bring human back into HR



The blue collar industry needs empathy


We reconise the cold shift towards workers in construction and warehousing.

Have a look into the depression and drug abuse rates that reflect that.


We aim to change this narrative by introducing technology to automate processes so we can focus on our people.

Our promise goes beyond just a paycheck.


We're here to foster a community that's got worker's back, offering support through the rough patches and ensuring every worker knows they're valued, respected and looked after.

Spades Values.

Trust, Transparency, and Opportunity


Welding Longer.gif

Stand out by nurturing relationships.


Our strategy revolves around creating unmatched trust and transparency, aiming to enrich our workers' lives with opportunity and purpose.


By prioritizing these values, we forge strong, enduring relationships with both workers and clients, enhancing the quality of our service and the effectiveness of our operations.

Choosing Spades means choosing a partner who sees beyond a resume.


We've been in the trenches and led from the front, understanding both sides of the coin.


Our approach goes against the grain of the industry norm – we believe in the power of respect and recognition. This philosophy has not only set us apart but has also been the secret to our success.


Great, but what is in it for me?

I'm glad you're asking


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As a Client.

  • All day: Fast service means lightning responses and a 24/7 chatbot ready to tackle any query, so you're never left hanging.

  • In the office: Transparent and easy access ensures you're always in the loop and in control, with our platform simplifying your life.

  • On the field: Well-looked-after workers on the field translates to professionalism and dedication, boosting the quality of work done.

  • At the bank: Reasonable and fair rates keep your finances happy, thanks to our tech-driven efficiency that cuts costs without cutting corners.


In essence, choosing Spades offers you the best of both worlds: unmatched efficiency and the ethical choice, ensuring you get top value for every dollar spent.

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As a Worker.


  • On the phone: Equal care reflects our commitment to you, ensuring we're as dedicated to our workers as we are to our clients.

  • On the app: Transparency through our platform gives you straightforward access to job details, hours worked, and more, without the run-around.

  • In the pocket: Fair pay mean we've fine-tuned our operations to ensure you're paid corractly, on time and what you're worth.

  • In the future: Opportunity is at the heart of what we offer, with plans and support designed to foster your growth and success.


In a nutshell, joining Spades means you're not just a number; you're a valued part of a community committed to fairness, growth, and respect.

Why did we take this approach?

Keep reading


 The Spades Story.

Built from the ground up.



In 2016, Spades was founded by a labourer.


I, John, started as a labourer in Australia in 2015 with ZERO experience.


The desire to stay in Australia fueled me. So I've moved through the ranks to spotter, then excavator operator, team leader, and finally, Spades director.


The journey was an eye-opener.


Seeing firsthand the disconnect between labour-hire companies and their workforce, I saw the effects of undervalued workers – a cycle of dissatisfaction and underperformance.


In 2016, driven by a vision of change and with a proactive mindset, I founded Spades Labour Hire in Sydney.


The inicial goal was simple.


To forge close relationships with our workers to ensure they not only excel but feel valued and connected.

The strategy was new.


By bringing new tech to an outated industry we would always be competitve while providing an exeptional service.

⚡ The result? Bloody brilliant.

This philosophy, our rock-solid foundation, has truly delivered the goods.


Making sure our workers know they're appreciated has sparked them to pull off top-notch work for our clients.


The feedback's been ace - clients chuffed with the outcomes are constantly singing our praises to other potential clients.


The Tech.


That's been the icing on the cake, enabling us to offer a snappier service and a smoother experience for workers, clients and our office team.

We've been all in on this approach ever since.

The Citizenship.

Awarded in 2022.


How is it going?

Like this


Labour Hire Client 1.jpg

"Their crew felt like part of our own team. Proper legends, each one. We're sticking with this mob." 
Mark, Builder

Labour Hire Client 15.jpg

"Absolute lifesavers. Sent me 4 guys for the next day" -
William, Removalist.

Labour Hire Client 20.jpg

"Top-notch stuffy, quick response" -
Liam, Carpenter.

Labour Hire Client 8.jpg

"Refreshing to see some honesty in the game" -
Angela, Bookkeeper.

Labour Hire Worker 13.jpg

"Fair go, respect, staff that helps us. They give advice. " -
Joao, Spades Worker.

How we stand out.


Get a FULL VIEW of what is happening on site with our Detailed Invoicing.


1 - Detailed Worked Hours.
Easy to check start, break, and finish times as well as any overtime and allowances collected through digital timesheets straight from the field

2 - Total Hours and Suburb.

Totals Broken down by worker and location

3 -  Links to Digital Timesheets.

Check signatures by link. No need for paperwork ,pictures, SMS or phone calls.


4 - GPS and Pictures

Gety clarity on timesheet accuracy and legitimacy.


We wrote a guide to help you.

Labour Hire services should simplify your recruitment, but choosing the wrong one can drain your money and time.


👉 Download our Guide and get clarity on what questions you should be asking your future labour supplier.

*Quick Read
*Smartphone Friendly


Why are you here anyway?
Isnt it to choose a labour supplier?

Spades office team



Director and Admin.
He joined the construction industry as a labourer when he arrived in Australia. He learned how to oxy cut, weld and operate machines until he opened Spades and started to run his own teams. Being on the field is what shaped Spades' vision.



Contract Admin and Allocator
Anderson did labouring for bricklayers for years. That's how we know a guy is tough. When we hired him we didn't know about his management background. 
Anderson showed exceptional skills and became the bridge between clients and Spades.

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