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Ready workforce, fast hiring


Welcome to the heart of efficiency and reliability

Here, we pride ourselves on the unmatched availability of skilled and dedicated labourers ready to bring their hard work and expertise to your project.

Whether your project is just getting off the ground or you're scaling up to meet deadlines, our Labourer Division makes it incredibly easy to secure the manpower.

What do you need today?



Versatile Power: The Core of Construction Efficiency

General labourers stand at the crossroads of versatility and proficiency within the construction landscape.


Equipped with a white card and boasting 1 to 2 years of hands-on experience with power tools, these labourers are the go-to workforce for heavy-duty construction tasks.


Why Our General Labourers Stand Out:                                               

  • Certified and Experienced: Each general labourer brings a white card certification and valuable experience, ensuring compliance and capability in construction environments.                                             

  • Big Tools Proficiency: With adept skills in using heavy power tools, our labourers can tackle complex tasks efficiently, reducing the need for multiple specialised trades.                                                                                       

  • Heavy-Duty Performance: Prepared for the rigours of construction, they excel in tasks that demand strength, stamina, and precision.                                                                                                

  • Quick to Adapt: Their broad skill set and experience equip them to adapt quickly to new tasks and challenges, keeping your project on track.                                                                                           

  • Safety First Mindset: Trained in safe operation practices, they not only work efficiently but also ensure a safer workplace for all team members.

Get the best workers around, today.







Gen Labour


Strength in Simplicity: The Backbone of Every Project.

In the bustling world of construction and project management, the unsung heroes often are the unskilled labour force.


These dedicated individuals are the fundamental support for all operations, handling essential tasks such as cleaning, moving materials, and other physical, low-skill yet crucial activities


Why Choose Our Unskilled Labour:

  • Readily Available Workforce: With a vast pool of eager and physically capable individuals, we ensure that you have access to the manpower you need, whenever you need it.                         

  • Hassle-Free Hiring Process: Our streamlined approach to recruitment allows for quick and efficient placement of labourers on your project, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.                                                                                       

  • Flexibility and Reliability: Whether it's a last-minute need or a planned requirement, our unskilled labourers are ready to adapt, providing dependable support under any circumstances.              

  • Essential Task Experts: Specialising in the tasks that keep your project running smoothly, they handle the physical demands of the site with diligence and care.                                                       

  • Safety-Conscious: Trained to operate with a safety-first mindset, our labourers contribute to maintaining a secure work environment for everyone on site.

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ElevateConstruction Standards. Get the expert for it all.

Skilled labourers are the artisans of the construction world, blending years of hands-on experience with the finesse required for precision work.


Beyond the robust capabilities of general labourers, they bring an expertise in utilising delicate tools such as drills, lasers, and levels, making them pivotal in achieving the exacting standards today's projects demand.


Why Opt for Our Skilled Labourers:                                                                  

  • Advanced Tool Proficiency: Mastery in operating a wide array of tools, from high-powered drills to precision lasers and levels, guarantees accuracy in every task.                                                               

  • Rich Experience: With at least 2 years of experience on the job, our skilled labourers have developed an eye for detail that can only be honed through extensive hands-on work.                                                                                       

  • Measuring and Marking Expertise: Their ability to measure, mark, and align with exact precision forms the backbone of quality construction and craftsmanship.                                                                                                

  • Versatility and Adaptability: Capable of performing a variety of tasks, they easily transition between roles, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of your workforce.                                                                                          

  • Safety and Precision: Trained to prioritise safety without sacrificing the quality of their craftsmanship, ensuring a high standard of work in a secure environment.                                            

  • Productivity Boosters: Their skill set not only elevates the quality of work but also streamlines the construction process, effectively reducing time and material wastage.

Get the best workers around, today.









Unskilled Labou
Skilled Labur
Warehouse Card.png


Diligence and Detail: The Pillars of Warehouse Efficiency

In the heart of every efficient warehouse operation are our dedicated workers, who excel in combining relentless diligence with an unwavering focus on detail.


Their role is critical in ensuring that every product reaches its destination in perfect condition, reflecting the high standards of your business.


Advantages of Hiring Spades Warehouse Workers:                                                               

  • Stamina and Resilience: Built for the long haul, they excel in maintaining high productivity levels throughout extended shifts.                                                              

  • Inventory Accuracy: With a keen eye for detail, they manage inventory with exceptional accuracy, ensuring stock levels are meticulously maintained.                                                                                     

  • Safety-Conscious Practices: Upholding the highest standards of safety, they ensure a secure working environment for themselves and their peers.                                                                                             

  • Flexibility in Operations: Versatile and quick to adapt, they efficiently handle fluctuating demands, keeping the warehouse operations smooth and responsive 

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Labour Hire: Leading Hands - Guiding Your Project to Success

Leading hands are the cornerstone of any project, seamlessly blending skilled labour with exceptional team leadership. Capable of steering teams towards productivity, these skilled labourers thrive on responsibility. Get the workers who will keep the job running even when the supervisors are away.

Carpenter, Builder, Supervisor.png

Advantages of Hiring Spades Warehouse Workers:                                                               

  • Autonomous Leadership: Expertly navigating the balance between following directives and making on-the-spot decisions, our leading hands ensure your project stays on track, even in the supervisor's absence.

  • Resource and Schedule Savvy: With a keen eye on both the clock and the inventory, they adeptly manage materials and timelines, ensuring that every task is executed efficiently and effectively.

  • Induction and Team Management: Beyond just leading, they are mentors at heart, ready to induct new workers and forge a cohesive, high-performing team.

  • Reliability in Every Scenario: Their adaptability and thorough knowledge of the project's ins and outs make them reliable anchors, ensuring continuity and consistency across the board, day or night.

Setup a full team with laboures and leading hands today.











& Planning


Leading Hands

In Labour Hire, quality pays for itself.

Have you ever hired workers from the cheapest labour provided you could find and end up with an unhelpful crew and a stuck job costing you a fortune?


Poor communication or poor skill and professionalism lead to more mistakes and wasted time.

Quality Workers

✅ Show up every day on time.

✅ Work the job as expected.

✅ Communicate well and politely.

✅ Need way less supervision and hand-holding.

✅ Are reliable and responsible.

✅ Save your time by making fewer mistakes.

✅ Get work done quickly and are proactive.

Poor Workers

❌ Don't show up.

❌ Are clueless about the job.

❌ Need to be micromanaged.

❌ Don't understand instructions.

❌ Lack skills or underperform.

❌ More expensive mistakes on site.

❌ Work slower / Less motivated.

Features that makes us special

Not your everyday labour provider.

Spades Man Shadow.png
Spades Man Shadow.png

People First

Spades Vision

Labour Hire is about people.

What really matters is the relationship with our workers and clients.


Team Lock & Recruitment Services

Get full-time workers and manage them yourself.


24'7 AI Chatbot Support.

Got Questions?

Ask Anything.

Our bot can answer questions from workers or clients.


Having trouble

choosing a supplier?

👉 Download our Labour Hire GUIDE to find out what questions you should be asking your future labour provider. 

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What makes Spades stand out


Get a FULL VIEW of what is happening on site with our Detailed Invoicing.


1 - Detailed Worked Hours.
Easy to check start, break, and finish times as well as any overtime and allowances collected through digital timesheets straight from the field

2 - Total Hours and Suburb.

Totals Broken down by worker and location

3 -  Links to Digital Timesheets.

Check signatures by link. No need for paperwork ,pictures, SMS or phone calls.


4 - GPS and Pictures

Gety clarity on timesheet accuracy and legitimacy.

Get workers on site FAST.

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