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Construction onboarding | The Ultimate Guide To Hiring and Retaining Construction Workers

▶️The construction industry is having a tough time finding new construction placement workers during the current economy.

The problem relies not only on the new trend of workers preferring office jobs over working out at ground level, but skilled labour becoming scarcer to hire as well because of how demanding it can be sometimes down there with all that kneeling action!

Onboarding Is essential in this day and age.

✅Businesses need to take a holistic approach when it comes to managing their employees and the process to hire construction workers. With the rapid growth of temporary work, many companies are overlooking key processes like effective onboarding programs to just focus on recruitment or finding new talent that can be hired full-time instead.

⚠️ That doesn't mean they should neglect permanent hires completely; there's no shame if you're only able to hire short-term staff! Onboarding is crucial because this will set your team up for success from day one, and make sure everyone knows what standards must be met before being hired to save time and effort.

New hire and recruitment problem.

Construction companies face a problem when they need to fill in new positions.

Younger generations want more experience and compensation is also an important factor influencing the decisions of job seekers, which leads construction firms that can't find qualified people for certain roles by themselves due to either lack of engagement or skill set required on-site.

This delays project delivery as well as produces low-quality output with accidents happening too often, or even constantly.

Facts about the Onboarding.

✳️There are a few facts that sum up the status of the onboarding process in the construction industry.

1- According to a recent study, 40% of Australians consider themselves to be alone at work. The research found that loneliness is a major issue for employees in the country. The study found that loneliness is not only an emotionally draining experience but can also lead to health problems.

2- The cost of turnover can be up to three times the replaced employee's salary. This includes the cost of finding and training a new employee, as well as lost productivity. The cost of turnover is a big expense for any company, so it's important to try to retain employees.

3- Upon looking into why new hires were leaving their jobs, it was found that those who had a strong onboarding process were 82% more likely to stay with the company. This means that if you're looking to improve your employee retention rates, focused and improved onboarding is the answer.

4- It costs an average of $4,000 and 24 days to get and hire a new construction worker. However, this cost can vary depending on the worker's experience and skillset.

5- Up to 11% performance increase has been seen from new employees who go through an effective onboarding process. Onboarding is vital to set new hires up for success and keep within the budget. This small performance bump can be the key to determining if a company's investment in its new employee is worth it in the long run.

The right Onboarding process for new employees.

​👉🏻New employees need time to adjust and get comfortable with their new surroundings. Orientation can help them do this quickly by providing basic information, answering questions they may have had during initial interviews or introducing company policies that will be important in everyday work alongside training programs tailored for each project.

To do the process the right way, some steps must be followed.

Be prepared for all new hires.

➡️When it comes to construction, one of the most important things is having a solid plan in place before beginning any work. This means having all the necessary hardware and software ready to go so that there are no delays once construction workers are on site.

In construction, time is money, so it's essential to have everything in place beforehand. This also sets the tone for workers starting their new job with your company, and it shows that you're organized and that you value their time.

➡️If you're working in the construction industry, construction workers need all the equipment they might need for the role, including personal protective equipment (PPE). This important aspect of onboarding sets the tone for their new start with your company.

Hand them an onboarding guide from the start. This onboarding guide is meant to help introduce the company to the new worker and should include general information that will help the new hire test the water and start standing on solid ground, this information may include:

  • Manager name/photo/number.

  • Supervisor Name/photo/number

  • Other relevant people's details.

  • Mission Vision Values of the company

  • Code of conduct (how the company expects you to behave on-site)

  • Safety Induction

  • Safe Work method statement

  • What to do in case of emergency

Expectations must be communicated clearly from the start

In the construction industry, each company must explain in detail what the performance expectations are for each worker. This way, workers will know what is expected of them and how their performance will be judged.

⚡Additionally, this information will help to prevent underperformance and instruct workers on what to do if they feel like they are not meeting the expectations. In construction projects, many different factors can affect performance, so workers must understand all of the expectations and have the tools they need to succeed.

By providing this information upfront, construction companies can set their workers up for success and ensure that construction projects are completed on time and within budget.

Set training for them.

⚠️Construction workers are an essential part of the construction business. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, from operating heavy machinery to manual labour. Hiring process construction workers can be a challenge, as there is a lot of competition for jobs. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of hiring the best candidates.

One of the most important things you can do is to provide education and training for new construction workers.

Expose them to the company culture and vision.

▶️As a construction company, you are always looking for new blood to help with the ever-growing projects on your company's plate. But it is not enough to just hire any able body; you want to make sure that the person is a good fit for the company.

After all, you are responsible for not only teaching them the ropes but also maintaining a certain level of safety and accuracy on the job site. To ensure that your company culture is maintained and that everyone knows what they need to do from day one, and everyone is synched with the overall vision, here are a few things you can do:

Teach them company policies and procedures.

▶️Keeping employees informed about company policies and procedures is essential for creating a cohesive workforce. The policies and procedures should be made available to all workers in an appropriate manner so that there can never again be any confusion on what actions are allowed or not when dealing with customer issues, safety concerns at work, etc.

Give them orientations to help them navigate the company

✅Helping new starters get acclimated to their work environment is a top priority for many companies. This includes setting up meetings with individuals at various levels within your organisation.

Providing them with an opportunity during the first week ‘on-the job’ as well as prearranged ones later on down the line when they have more time committed to learning about how things operate in each department or task group throughout this entire business complex you call home! But don't overload these poor souls, offer guidance but not instruction; show appreciation without being too hands-on.

Be reliable, supportive and considerate

✅It is important to be patient and supportive when hiring new employees. They will feel more comfortable with their co-workers, which ultimately benefits the company as a whole by boosting productivity through better work quality.

Helping new hires get acquainted with their work is key to maintaining a healthy work environment. New employees can be CLUELESS when it comes time for the report, so make sure you have all the information available about what’s expected and how things should go down before they start first.

First impression matters

✳️Creating a pleasing first impression is crucial to both new hires and managers. There are several paths you can go about it, such as giving them items with the company's logo or motto, or introducing the team member briefly so that they feel welcomed in your company culture from day one.

For an extra incentive for hitting goals quickly on their very first week/monthly basis offer rewards like money off discounts at local restaurants where employees spend most lunch breaks. It will show how much pride you take when someone achieves something great.

Provide all the resources needed for their success

​👈🏻The construction industry is filled with people who have no other choice but to become experts in their field.

This sad reality can be turned around when companies take an opportunity for new hires and train them on how they should go about doing business, giving the crew members skills that will make them successful long-term instead of just getting by on short notice or through hard work alone.

​👈🏻With tech tools like BIM helping project managers plan out potential errors before anything happens - mistakes are much less likely nowadays!

Safety training is a must

⬅️A workplace like a construction site contains risks and dangers. Sometimes it could be intimidating for a new hire worker, so workplace safety training is essential. Workplace injuries and hazards and approaches on how to prevent them should be discussed and implemented with proper safety measures.

Our Comprehensive construction industry Onboarding Guide explored

⚡When construction worker is hired, they will have their first interaction with the company. This process of onboarding should help new hires feel welcomed and supported to make them won't stay on task at all times! The steps in the guide outline what you need for your individualized training program so that every employee knows exactly where everything belongs or how best to utilize his/her skill set while working alongside others.

Spade Labour hire has the best onboarding process for any project manager.

For a successful onboarding, our onboarding guide has all the steps and details you need. We have compiled everything you need to know for a smooth transition into your new role.

Follow our guide and you'll have all the tools for success at your fingertips.

Construction projects onboarding is smooth and efficient with Spade Labour Hire

⚠️We know the industry, we know where and when employers fall short and when workers feel down. We know all the missing links and how to improve and levitate the process.


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