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Unlock another source of income: 

Join Spades’ Lucrative
Joint Venture Opportunity.

Use your network to create passive income:

Connect us with your clients for rewards.

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Spades Labour Hire is offering an incredible opportunity...

Watch the video to understand more.

We share the same clients.

Lets leverage that!

If you are, or operate in the warehouse, manufacturing, transport or construction industries there is a big chance you have existing relationships that use labour hire services

The idea is simple: reach out to your contacts and introduce them to our labor hire solution. If they say yes, we setup a call and offer them our services.


If Spades successfully closes your tenant as a client, you'll start earning commissions based on the number of worked hours for every worker we deploy to that client. It's a win-win scenario.

Passive Income


Our Joint Venture offers you a chance to generate a consistent passive income stream. Financial freedom is one step closer.

Zero Cost.


It won't cost you a thing.  It's a seamless collaboration that amplifies your earning potential.

Solid Labor Provider


With a track record of excellence, we are the trusted choice for warehouses in need of skilled personnel.

Real-Time Profit Sharing


Transparency is key in our partnership. We believe in real-time profit sharing, ensuring you have full visibility and control over the revenue you generate.

Lets talk about comission.


Don't miss this opportunity to step into a world of limitless potential. Join our joint venture and experience the thrill of financial prosperity while continuing to serve your valued clients. 

Commission Details

Spades has a solid reputation as a premier labor provider for warehouses and factories.


Samsung is our esteemed flagship client.


We offer Samsung and many other Warehouse clients with:

• Forklift Drivers • Skilled Warehouse Labourers • Reliable pick and packers

• Site Cleaners (Office and Warehouse floor)  • Traffic Controllers for entry and exits 

Licensed Labourers (Ticket Holders) • HR support • Higher level personnel, like supervisors and team leaders.

We offer labour hire to construction for 7 years

We offer our construction clients:

•  Skilled Construction Labourers (right hand on-site)  • Reliable Construction General Labourers  • Construction Site Cleaners (unskilled Labour)  • Construction Leading Hands • Licenced Labourers (Ticket Holders) • Carpenters • Form Workers • Forklift Drivers • Traffic Controllers • Drivers • Welders • Oxy Cutters • And much more.

Elevate your income, amplify your success with Spades Labour Hire

Don't miss this opportunity to step into a world of limitless potential. Join our joint venture and experience the thrill of financial prosperity while continuing to serve your valued clients. 


Ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? 

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 Things your client should know about us:

Spades provide reliable and committed workers that will be your right hands on-site, without breaking the bank. When it comes to Spades Labour Hire in Sydney: Quality pays for itself.

What you’ll get if you start using Spades today:


✅ Respectful attitude. WAY less stress within your team.
Skills and experience. We work with veteran labourers and tradesmen.
Proactive mindset. THINKING workers that don't mi
cromanagement and won't idle.
Self-Managing labourers. Workers that b
ridge the communication between their supervisor and our allocator. One less thing for you to worry about.

In the office:

Order by phone, text or App, in seconds. As simple as it can be.
Digital timesheets. Signatures are collected by the worker using Spades App and embedded directly into the invoice. No more dirty paperwork.
GPS tracking. Never get hours stolen from you again. Workers are tracked via GPS at the moment of the timesheet signatur

And the basics:

We're fully insured. Workers Comp, Public Liability and Indemnity.
Well managed staff. Properly paid, inducted, instructed and well looked after.
Helpful support. We understand
that YOUR success is OUR success. We do our best to make sure your project is getting done right.

Need workers on site FAST.

Get our full Spades Labour Hire Sydney rates guide and put your Work Order in a few minutes.


Sydney Labour Hire Rates Guide

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LABOUR HIRE in Sydney.
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