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3 Main Reasons Why You May Need Labour Hire in Sydney and HOW TO GO ABOUT THEM

There are many reasons why you may need labour hire in Sydney. A lot of them have to do with the management aspect.

▶️Managing labour hire can be a hassle to handle, no matter how experienced you are in the industry.

Getting the right people for the job can be especially challenging in Sydney due to the shortage of RELIABLE workers available, especially if you are just starting out as you yourself have to find them (running background checks evaluating a worker's knowledge and efficiency can be tricky).

Besides that, there are the regular employee-keeping activities, like managing their payroll and keeping their wellbeing high and keeping insurances updated.

✳️Labour hire in a nutshell: It is companies that provide employment services and they supply other companies with temporary workers in exchange for a fee. The businesses themselves often use labour hire agencies as a way to streamline the process through outsourcing the recruitment, allowing them to focus on core aspects of the business as a result.

In this case, the labour hire company assumes the role of the employer, find the workers, interview them and sends them directly to you. In exchange, however, you, as the host employer, will pay the agency fixed fees made up of taxes, statutory charges, insurance and other fees.

There here is the breakdown of the main reasons you may need Labour Hire in Sydney.


The construction market in Sydney is notorious for its ups and downs. Your company may have a LOT of jobs in the pipeline one month and not enough in the next.

It may be the case that you want good workers, but do not want to waste your time searching for each and every one of them individually (especially because you don't know for how long you will need them).

If you have ever tried this yourself, you have probably come to the realization that this can be a difficult task for just about anyone. Finding a GOOD worker as a whole can be time consuming and difficult.

▶️ What to do about it:

You (roughly) have two options.

One: Go through the hiring process yourself. It usually goes as follows:

• Post the open job role in many places, both offline and online such as Indeed, Seek, Facebook and so on.

• Interview the candidates that come your way and actually sign up for the job position. This can be done both through the phone and both in the physical world when they inevitably arrive once approved.

• Include a referral search before posting the job, in case your workers known anyone, and a reference check for the candidates themselves if you are really interested in finding someone of a higher quality level.

Two: Hire a Labour Hire company that understands your business and can supply skilled workers in time.

Not all Labour Hire companies are the same. Make sure the one you pick will be able to supply workers. Here are a few items that you should consider when selecting your labour supplier:

• Make sure your Labour Supplier is sending you Interested/Committed workers that fit the role.

• They must REALLY understand your business and what skills/personality types fit best the type of trade you're in.

• Your Labour Hire Company should have a great relationship with their workers as well as with you.

• Check if the cost/benefit is paying off also considering subjective items like stress, re-work and communication.


One of the main challenges, and possibly one of the biggest reasons why you might need to consider a labour hire company in Sydney, is not only due to the fact that finding good workers is challenging, but also the difficulties of keeping them going and not losing them to the competition.

▶️ When it comes to construction work, you will know if you have chosen the right person after a few months of working together. The main reason why a labour hire company makes sense, in this case, is due to the fact that you do not have to go through the entire process, can just go straight to starting work together based on the vouch the labour hire company made for that worker.

When it comes to the optimal outcome of this model, at Spades we keep a close relationship with each of our clients as well as our workers, and through this, we can ensure that everyone is providing us with feedback and that everything is running according to plan.

You need to ask the labour hire company how fast they can deploy workers in this case and how long they have been with them, how well they know them, what the worker’s strengths and weaknesses are, things of that nature.

✳️ Note: Field feedback is the best way through which you can tell if a worker is doing a good job or not. What you do not want is when a labour hire company does not know what their workers are like, and send you new recruits without much notice that can potentially postpone your deadline due to the slow building process of the project you are currently working on.

▶️ Keep in mind that the time may come that you won't have enough work for a specific worker.

In this case, you may ask your labour supplier to employ him somewhere else and relocate him to YOU when the time comes (this is the best of both worlds).

This way you won't lose touch with good workers that you invested time training and, above all, you won't lose your workers to your competitors. The worst case scenario is you training a worker that ends up on "enemy hands".


We all know the cash flow challenges within the construction industry.

Things get expensive and at times you might need someone to hold you back until the next stage of the project is fully completed. You need to ensure that what you are getting paid is correct, as well as what you are paying other employees.

▶️ Here's the three problems a Labour Hire company can take of your hands when it comes to $$:

✳️ One: your worker's times get better managed

You need to choose the correct time clock for construction applications, such clock-in-and-out systems or r GPS-enabled time clocks.

A labour hire company should ensure that the work hours are tracked correctly and track the timesheets properly so you know how the hours will be confirmed and how you will access your timesheets in the future.

With clear times, well-written contracts and management you should have few issues with this. At Spades, we have developed our own application that tracks the workers through GPS and collects digital signatures of the supervisors. As such, we can add everything linked to the invoice, and the hours are never miscalculated as a result.

✳️ Two: The payroll effort. You need to understand the many layers of payroll processing, break down the basics of certified payroll requirements, understand the prevailing wages and their importance as well as allowances, leaves, etc. A labour hire company will lift this work off your hands. We had clients in the past that moved their workers to our books specifically for this reason.

✳️ Three: The cashflow.

Simply said: sometimes is a good idea to have another company paying your workers until you hit the next stage of the project. A Labour Hire company will keep every worker paid and happy until you're paid


Communication plays a huge role, especially when you are trying to solve one of the problems but you really do not really want to deal with them yourself.

▶️The labour hire company you choose needs to communicate well, stick to their words and have integrity throughout every step of their communication (with you and with the workers).

When you set rules for communication through a text or messaging application, you can confirm that you have a record of what you have ordered and what you have actually gotten as a result of that order.

Besides that, your supplier should do the house keeping and keep workers happy. Never forget to assess your supplier's communication by asking their workers how they are treating them.


If you are the kind of person who is simply not a people’s person, or just do not want to deal with the hassle of onboarding new people, managing their payroll and just generally having to find quality workers, as that can be difficult and tedious, hiring a labour hire company such as Spades might be the perfect solution for you.


Are you looking for a labour hire company in Sydney to help you with all of this? Try Spades and never look back.

If you are looking for general labourers, be it for short term or long term projects, we can provide you with skilled and fully vetted labour hire so you do not have to worry about anything. This is due to the fact that we provide a wide range of services to the Sydney construction industry with focus on real people, with real experience. As such, we can ensure that you always have the right labourer for the job at the right time.

This is specifically the case during peak season, when you need well-trained staff to meet the demands your company will inevitably have. The best part about a labour company is that off-season, you do not have to pay for labour you do not need and will not use. Labour hire agencies such as Spades offer the benefit of being non-committal. You can increase or decrease your workforce as per requirement, and you do not have to keep employees onboard for a long time if you do not need them.

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