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5 simple things that makes a respectful BOSS

Updated: Jul 28

For a Project Manager or a Construction Supervisor the essence of establishing yourself as a respectful team member or person is very important. As a worker or a boss, your first impression matters.

✳️ You could have different personalities, and still command respect.

Creating this environment it's relatively simple, though it's often not regarded as necessary or trainable - There is no "protocol" for it - which is why we have written this guide to help you be better at your workplace.

We will walk you through 5 simple things that will establish you as a respectable person at your workplace.

No company can function or grow appropriately without respect for fellow workers or subordinate workers. Without regard, workers wouldn't follow the instruction or have basic work ethics, which creates a bad working environment.


Remember, first impressions matter. The secret is in the handshake. Handshakes are usually the first contact you have with others, so it is crucial you get it right.

When introducing yourself, establish eye contact and exchange firm grip handshake. By doing so, you create an ambience of solidarity and respect.


This is the first question that will pop in ones head upon meeting you. That's why you should always Introduce yourself to new people a in the starting of the day.

Workers will better understand your position, feel closer to you and have a greater purpose to work for you. You could use a format of saying:


I also recommend that as soon as you notice some tension among the workers, to include a little bit of humour as long as it is respectful and sober.

⚠️Why is this so important?

Even though you want to establish yourself as a serious worker, you don't want that to narrow your communication with other workers.

When you aren’t too uptight, your people will be more open and confident in expressing their ideas to you. As such, it is important to create a convenient and safe atmosphere for the worker to express his ideas and perspective.

A safe/comfortable environment is the first step in getting the workers to actually “think” the job alongside you. To do so, they must not be afraid of expressing themselves - humour is a great solution to that.


Big companies typically have changing or a large number of staff members, and companies who use Labour Hire also experience a large coming and going of people.

This can cause you to have new team members regularly. In such cases, you should try to remember workers' names as often as possible.

On the first day of the meeting, it is expected to have an introduction. Since you exchange names, it is vital to remember your worker's names.

And as you probably know:

A person’s name is their favorite word.

Try to remember the worker’s names as much as you can. It is a sign that you actually care about them.

If you have a problem remembering names (like most people), then you can improvise.

✳️ Pro Tip: We suggest you to print induction stickers with a space for the name, or print name tags (or stickers) for your workers.

Of course, this can be considered cheating, but even so, it will increase the faith and respect your workers put on you.

Do it until you have the each name memorised


Along the way we've noticed a situation happening a few times:

Some bosses, when visiting sites, tend to prioritise greeting and giving all the attention to clients and completely disregard (or even being disrespectful) with their own workers.

Always, ALWAYS, pay attention to your workers. Talk to them, ask them questions, understand their opinions, treat them humanely and equally: The same you would a client.

✳️ Everyone (even the clients) will have more respect for you if you do so. Guaranteed.


The advantages of respect in the business are limitless. This is because it tends to affect every sector a construction company operations.

Let's take respect for production. If every worker respects the man or woman working next to them, the production flow moves smoothly, considering there will be less conflict in the workplace.

But when there's no respect, workers wouldn't be at sync, which will lead to wastage of raw materials, reduced production rate, and bad quality products.

▶️ Many workers and bosses assume that being respected in the workplace removes your ability to be friendly. That isn't always the case.

Good manners can go a long way in establishing yourself as a respectable and respective person without sacrificing being friendly or working in a relaxed environment.


Creating a respectable and friendly working environment isn't as tricky as it sounds. It all start with the simplest actions and manners.

There is no denying that finding the right balance between these two can be challenging. However, once you find this balance, the company becomes open to many benefits, both internally and externally.

For any company to grow, it is necessary that there is respect. Workers should respect their fellow colleagues as well as their bosses or team leaders. But you need to learn to communicate effectively for respect to grow.

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