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How to LABOUR HIRE? 7 Tips for Finding the Best Before you Choose

Updated: May 27, 2022

▶️How to Labour Hire in Australia can be a difficult task. They all look the same from the outside. We've prepared 7 tips (things to look out for) to make sure you've selected the best for your needs.

A good way that companies can stay flexible and source temporary workers is by using a construction recruitment agency in Australia or anywhere in the world.

Labour hire Basics

⚡labour hire is a term used to describe the hiring of employees by an agency on behalf of a client. Workers compensation is one of the employee entitlements to consider when contacting a labour hire agency.

The labour hire agency will be responsible for ensuring that the workers compensation for their injuries or illnesses sustained is insured while working for the client. The benefits of the labour hire industry include the flexibility of hours, the ability to work in a variety of locations and the opportunity to work with different people.

Contacting a labour hire workers' agency can be an important step in securing your entitlement to workers compensation and preserving occupational health.

From casual workers solutions to onboarding full-time employees, the labour hire service simplifies the recruitment needs of a construction business.

▶️ In Selecting the best Labour Hire workers, Project Managers need to be sure that they check first the reputation (if possible), the ethics of the labour hire and how well they treat their employees and their clients.

Also, (as a standard) the labour hire company should understand the workplace safety policy, the values of the client company and, especially: The client's needs as a whole.

✳️Now, to go in dept: Here are the main pain points to check when choosing a labour hire company:


First things first: If you are already using a labour hire workers read the next points while you reflect if your labour hire supplier covers them.

​The "cost of change" to a new recruitment agency may not be as large as you think, and trying out may not be as hard. Consider that if you're not currently happy with your labour supplier, the cost for your business, in the long run, maybe larger than the possible stress of the change.


Finding labourers and getting their contact details online may be stressful. A professional labour hire company should help YOU first, and not themselves.

➡️Labour Hire companies function as true employers, so their main tasks are the following:

  • Locating, screening and skill-testing new staff

  • Keeping workers safe and properly paid.

  • Look after their morale and well-being.

  • Workers compensation is well addressed and fulfilled.

⚡In the end, they will manage effectively any issues that might occur.

In terms of stress, the main benefit of using labour hire services is simple: they provide a well-skilled workforce you need without your business undergoing the hiring process.

No more worries about employee availability, or scheduling the interviews.

The construction labour hire workers' company in Sydney should guarantee that your company will receive good workers, at the proper time, that have the skills and good communication to suit the job at hand.

This way you can focus on the project and not on solving problems.

▶️ However, not all labour hire agencies do that well. Good labour hire companies should likely have properly assessed each worker's skills and capabilities before deployment, regardless of the rank.

⚠️The last thing that you want is to order a Labourer and end up with an individual worker that doesn't know anything about construction.

You should ask if they pre-screened, interviewed, referenced checked and have enough further information about the workers the labour hire agency or independent contractors provide the way ahead of deployment. Remember that, if not yourself, your foreman will have to deal with poorly prepared on hire workers and they may be costing the company time, instead of money.

⚠️That's why its more than just about the labour hire industry rates

The real problem is that small mistakes often go unreported and therefore cause a leak in a project budget that goes unnoticed. We have calculated how much money you may lose due to poor skill, have a look here.

Poor communication, or poor skill/professionalism, means wasted time - which means - double loss.

Construction in Australia is expensive. But don't make the mistake of saving a couple of dollars per hour on your labour hire workers and creating major problems in your project.


The construction business is usually characterised by unsteady labour demand. companies require additional staff often. Therefore, there will be lots of short-term labour contracts as opposed to permanent jobs.

​👉🏻Even though it is not ideal, in the construction field workers are usually needed with urgency. A labour hire will receive lots of calls to find on hire workers as soon as possible. As such, you should make sure that you hire a company that has a wide enough network, so they can meet your needs in a short period of time.

✳️Besides that, they must be legitimately interested in understanding your needs so they can provide workers that are a good fit for your company's needs, and not just "a guy".

The between a labour hire company and a construction company shouldn’t have any gaps, but be clear and straight. You should set some expectations from the very start of your collaboration, and create room for an honest relationship.


Be extra aware of this part, since is the most neglected aspect of labour hiring.

⚡Along the administrative side of the whole hiring process, the labour hire company should do the HR right. This means not only meeting once with the worker but caring for their safety and well being so you, as a client, can receive a happy worker.

⚡Considering that the building and construction industry is moving a lot and workers spend less time in the companies they work for, HR should make sure they don’t feel like ordinary freelancers but are happy about being part of a team.

Just because there is a great percentage of casual jobs in this domain, it would be easy for a Labour Hire in Sydney, for example, to not do the payroll properly. Therefore, make sure you check the recruitment company does the right thing by the workers.

Work health and safety concerns

Work health and safety are always a top priority in the workplace. One way to help ensure the work health and safety of employees is by using personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE can help to reduce the risk of injuries, as well as exposure to hazardous materials. There are many different types of PPE available, so it's important to choose the right type for the job at hand.

➡️For example, if you're working with chemicals, you'll need to wear gloves and a face mask to protect your skin and lungs. If you're working with heavy machinery, you'll need to wear earplugs and safety goggles to protect your ears and eyes. By using PPE, you can help to avoid potential work health and safety issues in the workplace.

Have loyal labour hire workers even if you ask the labour hire to get them into group training organisation to have the best results in their productivity.


✳️Usually, when checking the work of the labour hire agencies and construction recruitment jobs in Sidney, you would do research, referrals, calls and meetings. But you will only know the truth when you receive the first workers.

✳️Look closely at their work, and how they perform or adapt to the values of your business. You can also ask the foreman to assess this quality, so you can calculate the cost/quality ratio.

Moreover, try to not fall in love from the very first hire, but check for the consistency of quality standard of this labour hire company.

Other than that, always keep your mind open to trying a different supplier. If you're not happy with yours, try a new one.

May be easier than you think!

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6. Agreements on labour hire licensing.​

Every business has a responsibility to ensure the work health and safety of their employees. This is not only good for morale, but it's also the law. labour hire licensing helps to protect workers by ensuring that businesses meet certain standards.

➡️This includes providing health and safetyinsafety in the working environment, as well as training workers on how to safely perform their tasks. By adhering to these standards, businesses can help to prevent accidents and injuries. In turn, this helps to protect workers' rights and improve work conditions. As a result, labour hires licensing is an important tool for protecting workers' health and safety.

➡️The labour hire licensing agreement is designed to protect workers from exploitation and ensure that they are employed in safe conditions. labour hire providers must comply with all work health and safety laws and regulations, which include providing induction training, maintaining records of work history and qualifications, and ensuring that workers are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

The labour hire licensing agreement also requires providers to have insurance in place to cover workers in the event of an accident or injury. By complying with the labour hire licensing agreement, providers can help to create a safer working environment for all workers.

Workers' compensation must be included in the agreement and fully applied and followed.

⬅️The labour hire licensing agreement includes provisions to ensure that all workers are protected from health and safety risks. The agreement requires labour hire providers to have appropriate policies and procedures in place to manage health and safety risks and to provide safe and healthy working conditions for their workers.

⬅️Providers must also ensure that their workers are properly trained in how to safely perform their duties. In addition, the agreement requires providers to report any incidents or accidents that occur during their work.

By complying with these requirements, labour hire providers can help to protect the health and safety of their workers.


Hiring a cheap, yet poorly skilled workforce hire will cause a loss of time, money, and stress and will not pay off in the end. Make sure to check all the above points before signing a long-term contract with a Labour Hire agency.


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