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AMBITION is a great thing to have in construction for many Construction Industry Opportunities

Updated: May 27, 2022

For employers, employees, or projects supervisors, ambition is a desire to succeed and move forward in a place of work or career. In the construction sites, this desire is your propelling force to achieve new things and move up the success ladder.

▶️As an employer or employee, ambition plays a vital role in the success of your work. As workers, we need to know how climbing the success ladder works.

In construction, as in any other industry, managers who are ambitious and driven are more likely to be successful in advancing their careers. Construction is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, and those who can adapt and innovate are typically the most successful.

✅As construction companies face increasing pressure to complete projects on time and on budget, construction managers who can demonstrate their ability to deliver results will be in high demand. Those who can think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems will also be highly valued.

In construction, as in other industries, ambition is often the key to success. those who are ambitious and driven are more likely to achieve their goals and advance their careers.

In this article, we will be showing you the importance of healthy ambition. We will also make it more interactive by asking the reader to check specific areas of his/her life.

By asking questions such as:

  • Are you happy with your career or, is there any reason for not improving your skillset? Such questions create awareness of just how ambitious you are.

  • Everyone, including your project manager, favors ambitious construction workers. This is because ambitious workers have great enthusiasm, and are keen to learn and work hard, which positively affects the bottom line.

✳️ To grow in your career, you need these two things, namely:


The magic of this whole concept is that it is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. You may use it as a guide for your business, a guide to yourself when chasing a pay raise or as a guide to your workers, helping them strive for the company and themselves.

We, humans, tend to make things more complicated than they are and tend to create excuses and reasons not to do things. Even if we set aside the money for a bit, responsibility and trustworthiness are important in life.

Even now you may be finding reasons to NOT chase more responsibility or trustworthiness.

⚡Maybe you’ll say that people don't deserve you, or your career is a dead-end, or worst, your marriage. Or you may look at your own life in search of a few things that can be used as a reason not to do anything, like: “I don't have the time” or “This is not the best time”.

But in reality, ALL WE NEED TO DO is be responsible and live a life of trust and this will go a long way to improve our way of life; our families, jobs, marriages, friendships, or relationships of any sort.


I always remember the scene in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo. Edmond Dante, the Main Character, was thrown in jail for a life sentence for the crime of falling in love with the wrong woman. The jail was in a castle on an Island, where he was to be in solitary confinement until the end of his days.

​👉🏻A few years in, on a regular day in his cell, the stones on the floor started to move. He freaks out while an old man comes out of the ground like a growing plant.

He soon realizes that the man was another prisoner (Abba), who upon seeing that he is in Edmond's cell realizes he dug a tunnel in the wrong direction. He proceeds to ask for Edmond's help in digging a new tunnel, this time in the right direction, which would take another six years to reach the outside walls. After that, the two physically depleted prisoners would proceed to make a run for their lives through the island and swim a few miles from the island to the continent.

Edmond laughs at the insanity of the project.

  • Abba sarcastically says: You must be something better to do. Maybe you have a girlfriend or something... Well... he didn't. So they dug.

  • Now: Do YOU have anything better to do? Remember that not taking a project, or making a decision, will result in you staying in the same place.

  • Not doing anything is doing something, in this case: nothing. In Edmond’s case, it was a cell, so digging was the only thing he could do.

  • I invite you to have a look at your own life and check: Are you stuck? If yes, maybe it's time to dig and if it takes years, it takes years. So, if I mean you should take more responsibility and be more trustworthy, the answer is: YES, As much as you can bear.

✳️ It will be very hard and time-demanding. If you want to call it that, you’ll be absolutely right.


When you're keen to lo learn, be dedicated, and humble, you'd be amazed how things can move fast for you. This is me:

  1. First day on construction projects

  2. Experiencing the "Growth Pains"

  3. Running construction activities as Foreman and Excavator Operator

  4. Exploring industry trends and new technologies to optimize performance

It took about three years. And it is worth it.

(This was just before I started running Spades Labour Hire full time last year)

It wasn't an easy ride. I had plenty of bad days and many huge mistakes - including sliding a machine into a creek.

​But when I thought about what I wanted to do and achieve I felt inspired and motivated. I felt happy about my work and in control of my days (most of them). I was not working for someone else, I was working for myself even though I was within someone else's company.

A good thing about construction is that when doors are not opening you can always build one. The Construction Industry in Australia NEEDS skills. If you're keen to go through the "growth pains" and get yourself dirty like I did It's just a matter of time for you to move up the ranks and succeed.

Regardless if you want to climb the career ladder or have your own company, Ambition and goals are great things to have.

✳️ Here are some suggestions:

If you're new to construction, start today by reading tips to be a better labourer by clicking here. How ambition improves the performance of construction workers in construction companies

Construction workers are often ambitious individuals who are constantly striving to improve their skills and performance. This ambition often drives them to work harder and smarter, resulting in better construction outcomes. construction companies that harness this ambition can see significant benefits in terms of productivity and quality.

Construction workers who feel ambitious are more likely to be engaged with their work and committed to their employer. As a result, construction companies that encourage ambition amongst their workers can expect to see better performance across the board.


Never be afraid to chase more responsibility and new roles in future projects, take on new challenges or strive to become a more trustworthy person at your place of work. Simple actions such as these will significantly help you regardless of your career path. Ambition can be a great tool for increasing productivity and earning more salary. However, you should be careful with how you use it.

An ambition with the wrong mindset or attitude can be catastrophic for both the company and you. Never go over other people or be disrespectful. Ambition is the path to great many Construction Industry Opportunities.


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