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Can you call your construction business a COMPANY? How to motivate workers for best results

Updated: May 27, 2022

▶️For many construction Project Managers, the ultimate goal is to open a company of their own. But, is it a true construction company you want to own or a money-making system? Learn how to distinguish both things.

Understanding the difference between a money-making business and owning a company is what makes all the difference h in the business world.


✳️"A company is a group of people brought together around a common set of values and beliefs."

That is the definition of a company by Simon Sinek, the author of many best-selling books about leadership.

▶️He shows that a company is not just about making money; it's about a passion, a shared between a set of people with common goals. They achieve these goals by combining efforts to achieve their common goal.

A company is designed to operate as a business and provide services for customers at a price. Sadly, many business owners today have forgotten all about the service and the passion behind creating a company.

✅Many construction companies today only focus on profits and ignore their people or any attempt to create a culture. In this case, this is not a true company but just a money-making system. People that work for money-making systems tend to not love their job, but just bare it.

✅Construction companies that are successful in motivating their employees and team members to work hard and improve team spirit are typically those that invest in employee motivation programs.

These programs can take many different forms, but they all share the common goal of promoting a positive work environment and encouraging employees to be productive.

✳️Common employee motivation programs used by construction companies include offering bonuses for meeting specific goals, providing training opportunities, and even holding company-wide contests with prizes for the winners.

✳️By investing in these types of programs, construction companies are sending a clear message to their employees that they are valued and that their hard work is appreciated. As a result, keeping employees motivated to work hard and contribute to the success of the team.


Do you have a construction company?

Do you and your Construction Workers (Supervisors, Labourers, Fork Lift Drivers, etc...) have a set standard of values and beliefs? If you do, you'd be a member of a rare company in the construction industry.

➡️The rareness is understandable. It's pretty hard to develop a "vision, mission, values" statement when we're doing jobs that may sound a bit dull. But we still do this all while employing mean-looking labourers and tradies that cannot care less about "leadership bullsh*t."

➡️Maybe our fellow traders building/renovating homes or doing the landscape for beautiful-looking traders' gardens have a better chance of doing that.

I am not writing this to guide you on how to come up with those (even though they're valuable), but if I had to suggest you one thing, it would be:

How professional development of teams in a construction company can be the path to achievable goals

⚠️In any construction company, well done professional development of teams isin the path to achievable goals. This means that each team member understands their role in the project and contributes to the project's success every day. To ensure this occurs, construction managers should consider following these tips:

  • Encourage team members to ask questions and share ideas during happy hour.

  • Make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the project's goals and objectives.

  • Take the time to recognize when a team member does a good job.

  • Set aside sometime each week to brainstorm ways to improve the project.

  • Show positive body language whenever possible to make the team like working with you and increase motivation levels.

By taking these steps, construction managers will be well on their way to achieving their goals as a good manager or a co founder always does.


As human beings, we have one common feature, which is, that we like to feel part of something. We choose football teams; we go to churches, we join clubs and play games, etc. We do all of this to chase the feeling of belonging as the first step of being social creatures.

If you do nothing else but create a company something that workers are proud to be a part of, you will be winning. You should believe us because we speak from experience.

Construction workers created Spades, and at the beginning, all we had was the brotherhood, and we still have it to this day (we established more values along the way, but this is a different post). But keep in mind that having a true team starts with having empathy.

It's no secret that employee recognition is important for maintaining motivated employees and a productive workforce. After all, everyone likes to feel appreciated for their hard work. However, employee engagement can also play an important role in building trust between employees and management.

When employees feel that their contributions are valued, they are more likely to build trust with their employer and feel motivated to do their best work.

⚠️ Employee recognition doesn't have to be a big production. Something as simple as a thank you or a pat on the back can go a long way towards making your employees feel appreciated. And when it comes to employee motivation, there's nothing like a little friendly competition to get things going.

By offering employee rewards for meeting performance goals, you can help motivate employees to give their all every day.

⚡So don't forget the power of employee recognition and employee rewards when it comes to motivating your workforce. A little appreciation can go a long way towards building trust and ensuring that your employees are always giving their best and going the extra mile. Just get started with it.

​The big picture of a successful company beyond making profits️​

Many people mistakenly believe that the only thing that matters in business is making a profit. While it's true that profits are important, they're not the only thing that defines a successful company. There's much more to business success than just making money.

​👈🏻A successful company provides value for its customers, treats its employees well, and gives back to the community. It's also a company that operates ethically and responsibly. Simply put, a successful company does things the right way. Of course, making a profit is still important. But when you take the big picture into account, it's clear that there's much more to business success than just making money.


Empathy is one of the greatest ways to create leadership. By empathy, I mean your ability to fully understand the thoughts, feelings, or emotional state of those around you, and this makes sense of their behaviors.

⚠️ As much as possible, create an environment that which workers feel compelled to share what they want for their future and the company's future. Ask your workers what they value and truly listen in the first place.

The key is by helping workers individually to have growth opportunities; you are helping the company as a whole.

​👈🏻Look after them, get them to look after each other, and make this a company culture for the long term. The things little people do may sound strange at the start, but they can bring you positive results in the long run.

Besides that, valuing your workers is an incredible market advantage, considering that most companies don't do it. (An illustration expresses friendship - like one big family)

The culture of caring for each other is the first thing to create a true team, instead of just having a bunch of individuals.

Employee engagement and motivation often go hand in hand. Engaged employee is fully involved in their work and motivated to do their best. A highly motivated employee is eager to achieve their goals. Good employee retention requires both engagement and motivation. Employees must be engaged in their work so they are less likely to leave and must be motivated to stay with the company.

Positive feedback is a key factor in keeping employees engaged and motivated. Recognizing employees for their work helps them feel appreciated and valued. It also reminds them of the bigger picture and how their work contributes to the company's success.

Providing employees with a work-life balance is also essential for keeping them engaged and motivated. When employees feel like they have a good work-life balance, they are less likely to look for other job opportunities. Motivating employees can be a challenge, but it's essential for retaining them. By understanding the importance of employee engagement and motivation, companies can create a work environment that employees will want to stay in.


When the unexpected happens - that's when you know if your team will act together or just run for the hills.

If your workers feel a sense of connection with the company, they won't leave because the job is too difficult, the conditions are not ideal or they even got better offers. If they feel valued it will be a brainer that they will stay through the bad times and the good.

Even more important, you should remain humble enough to admit that you made mistakes or you did not communicate well enough if that is the case.

Remember always to be respectful towards your workers, regardless of your frustration and disappointments. As far as possible, keep your emotions at bay, and employee productivity will increase.

Make use of assertive communication and, above all, know how to forgive, accept, and handle the feedback with responsiveness. Learn how to properly feedback here

➡️The relation between realistic company objectives and how to motivate workers to solve problems and help them achieve a better career path

✅Good objectives for a successful company are team building that helps workers to work together better to achieve their goals. It is also job satisfaction that keeps people working hard to get ahead in their careers. To motivate workers, companies need to set clear objectives, provide adequate resources, and create a positive working environment.

✅When employees feel supported and valued, they are more likely to be motivated to do their best work. by keeping these things in mind, businesses can ensure that their employees are motivated and engaged, which leads to a better bottom line.

✅A company's objectives should always be kept in mind when thinking of ways to motivate workers. After all, what is the point of working hard if the company's goals do not reflect that same dedication? teamwork is an important element in any workplace, and by fostering an environment where the employee feels comfortable working together towards a team goal, job satisfaction will naturally follow.

✅By offering opportunities for career advancement and growth, workers will be more likely to stay motivated and dedicated to their jobs. Ultimately, it is up to the company to set objectives that are achievable and motivational for their employees. With a little thought and effort, any business can create a positive work environment that encourages its team to achieve great things.


Yes, we can't ask you not to run a profitable business; without money, you will fail. However, your drive behind any company you build should be to help. Your company should have a soul. It shouldn't be run only to make profits, especially outrageous ones.

Many CEOs today may believe that it's hard to run a profitable business and have a clear conscience, but I don't think so. Research has shown that passion-driven companies are more successful than money-driven ones.

⚠️Look around; companies with an objective other than making a profit are known to do better than companies that are hungry for profits at all costs. You should know How to motivate workers to achieve such objectives.

Your company shouldn't only serve the purpose of making profits, but it should change lives. Keep that in mind and your company will do great.


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