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How Much Is A Construction Labourer Salary In Sydney NSW

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

▶️The construction industry is booming in all of Australia, especially in Sydney,

NSW. The average construction labourer salary has increased dramatically over the past few years to fill the gap and meet the demand for such essential job titles.

Best construction industry salary

▶️We will explore the current status of the construction job market and answer some of the pressing questions related to salaries in this vibrant and trending industry.

How much does a construction labourer earn in Sydney NSW?

What’s not to love about a job where you can make six figures every year? The construction business is thriving, and there are countless opportunities for skilled workers.

The salaries depend on many factors such as position, experience, level of education, skill set, etc. However, the industry has a clear scale of salaries that can be explored below.

The average salary scale of different positions in the construction industry can be in the range of:

👉🏻General Labourers and Skilled Labourers

Construction workers in Australia have a range of salaries, with the entry-level being around $52k and senior levels at about 85K.

  • General and Skilled Labourers' hourly rates range between $30 to $50 AUD

  • Welders and Operators' hourly rates range between $40 to $60 AUD

  • Carpenters and other high-level tradesmen hourly rates range between $60 all the way to $120 AUD

In addition to their wages construction employees also receive bonuses on top of exceeding certain targets or goals which can add up quickly when you're working 40 hours per week!

It depends on the profession you are working on, such as a plumber, carpenter, heavy equipment operator, or electrician. If you are an entry-level, mid-career, or senior-level worker.

Average Yearly Salary $75,000.00 AUD

👉🏻Project Manager

They are responsible to make sure projects don't exceed their budgets and stay on track. They're experts at managing multiple tasks, whether it be financial planning or collaborating with other partners while still being able to keep clients happy in an ever-changing environment where anything can happen!

Average Yearly Salary $125,000.00 AUD

​👉🏻Construction Planners and Estimators

Before the project is even approved, construction planners have to perform extensively on daily basis on getting accurate estimates for each aspect in order not to make any mistakes when they implement it later downstream!

It takes skilful math abilities as well as strategic planning considering all aspects from start until the finish so there isn't anything left unprotected or forgotten about which can lead to disasters if not closely monitored constantly throughout the implementation process

​👉🏻Average Yearly Salary $110,000.00 AUD


The industry is demanding more and more foremen all the time as the different types and scale of projects are keep on coming. Foremen with high skills and qualifications are needed more than ever.

A good Construction Foreperson must have strong leadership capabilities as well as be knowledgeable about their trade or profession to ensure successful completion on time & within budget

A competent CFP needs more than just technical expertise; they also need a superior understanding of how best Practice Usability Management (PFM) which will lead them towards.

Average Yearly Salary $100,000.00 AUD

What are the benefits of being a construction labourer?

construction labourers are a vital part of any construction team. They are responsible for performing a variety of tasks, including loading and unloading materials, digging trenches, operating heavy machinery, and erecting scaffolding.

➡️Construction laborers typically work long hours, often in hot and humid conditions. As a result, they must be physically fit and able to perform manual labor for extended periods. construction laborers typically earn an hourly wage, which can range from $35 to $50 per hour in Australia. Some construction laborers may also be eligible for overtime pay or bonuses from their employers.

What qualifications do you need to be a construction labourer?

construction laborers usually do not need formal qualifications, although some on-the-job training may be provided. In general, construction laborers perform unskilled manual labor tasks on construction sites.

​👈🏻Construction laborers typically earn between $30 and $40 per hour.

While most construction laborers do not need formal qualifications, some employers may prefer to hire applicants who have completed a high school diploma or equivalent.

How many hours will you work as a construction labourer each day?

⬅️Depends on your work status if you are a casual worker or a permanent worker on a labour-hire company or a construction firm payroll. You can easily get 40 hours per week if you can get the right job in a good place.

What skills and experience do you need to become a successful construction laborer?

⚡In Australia, construction laborer is a common entry-level job in the construction industry. Many construction laborers are employed by small construction firms, although some large construction companies also employ construction laborers.

Most employers require construction labourers to have a driver's license and their transportation. Some employers may also require construction labourers to pass a drug test.

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