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How Spades is loved by its clients by providing Unmatched Labour-Hire Services in the Construction

Updated: Mar 21

Looking for a reliable construction labour-hire company that can provide you with unmatched services? Spades labour-hire Sydney NSW is the right supplier! We are a leading labour-hire supplier in Sydney NSW, and our clients love doing business with us.

We have a team of experienced and qualified labourers who are more than capable of meeting the needs of your construction project.

Introducing Spades: a construction labour-hire service that is loved in the construction industry for its comprehensive and unmatched services.

Spades labour-hire Sydney company was founded by construction workers to help labourers strive and improve themselves with the success of the clients and the construction industry as a whole in mind.

We asked our clients what they think of us, and they said they love working with us. They appreciate our hard work, they are satisfied with our services, they treat us like a part of their team, and they trust us to meet their expectations and often exceed them.

Our Mission Statement

Empathy is a key part of our culture. We do everything we can to make sure your experience with us, from start to finish, is as smooth and easygoing as possible - from understanding what you're looking for in terms of workforce requirements, all the way to getting sourced workers who meet those needs at competitive rates without any hassle whatsoever!

We are passionate about making the hiring process easy, quick and seamless for our clients. We want you to have a smooth experience with us so that your business can grow without any hassle or pain at all!

The core values we live by

We have principles and values that enable us to stand on firm ground and build upon to achieve continuous success.

Those values include:

Teamwork and the value of each member

Spadeslabour has a team of people who understand the importance of teamwork and every man for his role. Our Sydney-based construction labour-hire company was founded by workers, so we know that project managers are busy too!

Sometimes you just need someone else there to help out with something quick though, like we get a short-notice request from a project manager, "an Oxy Cutter tomorrow would be great if possible". We do our best to fulfil that request in the quickest way possible.

Our communication channels are always available and responsive

Our communication channels are always available and responsive. We offer a quick response rate and our app is 24/7 available for ordering.

We communicate clearly and efficiently and we deliver services in the quickest way possible. We also offer customer support in case you have any questions or concerns. Our team is always available to help you.

When we work with our clients, they often tell us that what makes the process easier is knowing exactly where things stand. The best way for me to do this? Of course- transparency! We work hard to make sure that we have a misunderstanding-free workflow with our clients.

We do care about our clients and our workers

"I know you're under the pump," I say to our client as he fills out his job request. "But we'll have figured this one out together." Sometimes it's easy for us just dismiss requests without any information, or complain about how hard things are going but that would be unfair towards all of those other companies who also need workers!

It often pays off in more ways than one when clients count on their contractor, and they already understand what kind of partnership relationship ours is from day 1 after hiring because construction involves teamwork no matter which side cracks first

How Spades labour-hire Sydney is Different

We know the ins and outs of the business, we have been there and we have done that. Our long history of experience and trial and error enables us to serve our clients more efficiently and proactively.

We do the labour hiring process the right way, from start to finish. We recruit the best general labourers and skilled labourers on the market, and we match them with the most suitable projects and jobs available. We are responsive and reliable in delivering quality service to our clients.

The Problems with Traditional Labour-Hire Services.

Most of the other labour-hire companies just do business for a quick payday. They just supply projects with whatever workforce they have available. They don't care about their workers' career or well-being, or their clients' satisfaction and success as project managers and site supervisors.

They lack the experience or the skills to do the interview process, recruitment process, or the hiring right, they have insufficient HR resources, and they don't even know the difference between skilled labourers and general labourers.

Benefits of Using Spades for labour hire Services

We make it easy for our clients to manage their work orders, by collecting them quickly and accurately. We also track timesheets and attach them with invoices so that you can see when your employees were at the site of origin or completed tasks on time!

Plus we offer tailored payment terms depending upon what they need from us; all this combined makes contractors and project managers happy too.

We're committed to providing excellent customer service through clear communication between ourselves and all our clients and workers, as well as being attentive to every detail involved in order processing to job completion.

Comprehensive services that cover every step of the construction process.

We are mainly a labour-hire in Sydney supplying skilled workers to all types of projects in the construction industry. Our quality workers are the main labour solutions that we provide.

Those labour solutions involve a lot of details and moving parts that we have perfected over the years to stand out among other labour-hire companies in Sydney NSW.

Our process of providing efficient service is seamless and our standards are always of the highest quality.

From posting job ads to picking the right candidates, to interviewing them, to assessing their skills and qualifications, to hiring them and enrolling them in our extensive database of labourers, to getting orders from clients to providing the perfect workers for their construction projects, to monitoring their worksheets to issuing invoices to getting feedback to improve our services. All steps are done with care and attention.

Unmatched experience and expertise in the field

Before we started Spades Labour Hire Sydney, we had been working as skilled labour on different types of construction projects.

We have seen it all and done it all. We fully understand the industry and the requirements of any construction job. All our staff are reliable and know how to attend to clients' requests and our workers can easily adapt to a safe working environment.

The diligent work ethic that ensures projects are completed on time and within budget

At our labour-hire company, we pride ourselves on our diligent work ethic that ensures projects are completed on time and within budget. We understand the importance of labour-hire in Sydney and the surrounding areas, and we are dedicated to providing recruitment solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Our team of experienced professionals is available to provide labour-hire services for a variety of projects, from construction and landscaping to event staffing and traffic control.

Client satisfaction is always our top priority

We are committed to finding the right candidates for the job, and we guarantee a high level of satisfaction for our clients. Fulfilling our clients' requests promptly and professionally has been always our way of doing business as a top labour-hire in Sydney.

Whether you need general labour for basic simple tasks or more skilled labour like fully qualified electricians or traffic controllers, we can provide the right person for the job.

Contact us today to learn more about our labour-hire services!

Call us and download our app to experience our full range of services and work with us so we can better serve you as we do with all of our satisfied clients. Let us become part of your team as we provide the best service among all labour-hire Sydney companies.

Check our labour-hire blog and download our manuals and reports to get to know us better and explore more info about how to be more successful in the construction industry.


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