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How To Give Great Construction Feedback through The Sh*t Sandwich

Giving feedback to construction coworkers can be tricky 😓.

On one hand, you want to be honest and open about your critiques in order to help them improve.

On the other hand, you don't want to hurt their feelings or undermine their confidence.

To solve this, the key is to strike a balance between these two objectives.


The Feedback Sandwich Explained in Details

The Feedback Sandwich is a way to give critical feedback without looking like the bad guy. It consists of mixing criticism with compliments, which helps you put your words in context and also means that they won't be taken back as an attack on their character or abilities!

So, what does this actually mean?

For instance, consider that you're a Project Manager you were not satisfied with a Construction Worker’s method used to carry out his task, use a format of compliment ➡️ criticism ➡️ compliment to tell him that.

This way, he will focus on the compliment and see the criticism as words of encouragement to perform better.

Example of constructive feedback through The Feedback Sandwich:

Here's an example of a speech:

"Hi, Steve! You’re a good worker, mate! You’re on time and you perform well pretty much every day.

You would be even better if you didn’t use your phone this much. It feels like you’re not paying attention sometimes or your head is elsewhere.

Other than that, you’re a good guy and it’s awesome to have you on the team. Thanks for that!”

✳️Doesn't feel like "STOP CHECKING YOUR PHONE!" does it?

Do you want to see it in action? Maybe have a look at this clip from The Office.

  • It's a display of brutal kindness, isn't it?

  • Did you notice how respect is always kept?

The job is hard enough. Keep a positive tone.

When giving construction feedback, always start by highlighting the positives.

For example, if you're critiquing someone's workmanship, begin by complimenting their attention to detail or the quality of their service.

Construction is stressful and workers can be triggered easily on a hard day.

👉 This will help soften the blow of your criticism and make them more receptive to your imput.

Then, state your critique in a constructive way. For example, rather than saying "You're doing it wrong," try "Maybe you could try it this way."

Finally, end on a positive note by offering suggestions for improvement. By following these tips, you can give feedback to construction coworkers without making them feel defensive or discouraged.

Keep it cool

When providing corrective feedback, it is best to stay calm and respectful so that your workers know they can be honest with you when something goes wrong knowing that they're not going to get overly criticised..

How to approach construction feedback increasing productivity.

Constructive feedback is encouraged in the construction industry as it helps to improve morale, identify potential problems and generate new ideas.

There are a few steps that should be taken in order to give good feedback to your labourers and tradesmen (employees or contractors) in a constructive manner.

Here is how you deliver the "sandwich"


It is important to identify what specifically you liked about the hard work that was done. This could be anything from the use of materials to the layout of the construction site.


You should explain how this work impressed you or how it helped to meet the goals of the project.


You should suggest ways in which this work could be improved upon in the future.

By taking these steps, you can give positive feedback that will be both helpful and motivating for those working in the construction industry and try to avoid negative feedback.

The relation between interpersonal skills and positive feedback in the construction industry

Good interpersonal skills are important in any workplace, but they are especially important in the construction industry.

Construction projects are often complex and involve many different people, so it is essential that team members be able to communicate effectively with one another. Positive and helpful feedback is a key part of effective communication, and it can help to build trust and cooperation among team members.

When constructive feedback is given in a positive way, it can help to improve project efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, quality feedback can also help to resolve conflict and prevent problems from escalating. As a result, fostering good interpersonal skills and providing great feedback is essential for successful construction projects.


✳️Be careful when providing bad feedback for a good thing.

It's important to be careful when giving feedback, especially if the feedback is negative.

You don't want to come across as being critical or ungrateful, and you certainly don't want to sabotage something that's otherwise going well.

That said, there are times when it's necessary to give constructive feedback, even if it means pointing out a flaw in something that's otherwise good.

After all, the goal is always to make things better, not worse. When giving constructive feedback, for example, it's important to be specific and objective. Point out what you feel could be improved, and explain why you think those changes would be beneficial. If possible, offer suggestions for how the changes could be implemented.

By taking this approach, you can help to ensure that the constructive feedback is received in the spirit which it is intended - as a helpful contribution towards making something great even better.

You need to show your workers that you recognize their efforts, even if they go wrong. Otherwise, it will discourage future workers from trying new things out because nobody knows what might happen next!

"It was good, but could have been better" is you letting the perfect being the enemy of the good.

▶️ ALWAYS. be respectful and king in your manners.

Don't let the fact that you work on a construction site give you the idea that you need to be rough to be respected. Learn more about it here.

Use a compliment to give good constructive feedback.

The first step for giving good regular feedback is giving it. Yes, I'm serious. Many Supervisors, Foremen, Project Managers, and even Labourers simply don't have the habit of appreciating and acknowledging their coworkers from time to time. But not only their workers but the people in their life.

A compliment is a gift.

And empathy is not a sign of weakness, but exactly the opposite.

A compliment is a way of giving great feedback, and it can be a very powerful tool. When used effectively, a compliment can motivate and encourage construction workers to continue doing a good job. It can also help to build rapport and trust between construction managers and workers. Of course, there are times when a compliment is not appropriate.

For example, if construction workers are not meeting deadlines or safety standards, then construction managers should give constructive feedback instead. But when construction workers are meeting or exceeding expectations, a compliment can be a great way to show appreciation.

I'm excited that you learned this skill. This is one of the first steps to be great effective leaders. Always keep in mind that empathy and brotherhood are the keys to creating a great company. Click here to learn more about it.

⚡ Bonus: How to communicate effectively in the construction industry

In any construction project, clear communication is key.

Whether you're communicating with your team members or your clients, it's important to be clear and concise. When giving constructive feedback, for example, try to avoid construction jargon. Instead, use simple language that everyone can understand. It's also important to be respectful and open to input from others.

👉 Construction is a collaborative effort. By taking these things into consideration, you can ensure that communication in your construction project runs smoothly.

👉 To be effective, constructive feedback must be specific, objective, and actionable.

Additionally, it should be given in a timely manner so that workers can make the necessary adjustments. When done correctly, constructive feedback can help to ensure a successful project.


Effective leaders in the construction industry know that giving constructive feedback is essential to the success of their projects. Feedback helps workers understand what they are doing well and where they need to improve. Additionally, it can help to build team morale and motivation. However, not all feedback is created equal.

Next time around fixing attitudes up, remember:

1: A good slice of soft bread. (What needs to be improved.)

2: Then the serious filling. (What needs to be improved.)

3: Then another slice of that good bread. (Compliment).

🤷‍♂️ A good old sh*t sandwich helps your day-to-day life and your construction productivity.


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