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Be an INDISPENSABLE construction worker.

Updated: Jul 28

This is for construction workers who want to grow in their while working for construction companies or labour hire companies. Becoming a "linchpin" is the way to do it.

Becoming a highly regarded employee, the type the is indispensable, isn't easy, but may not be as complicated as it sounds. This is why those who meet this standard are not only treated better but are also paid better, and that person could be you.

The idea is simple: Getting paid more means that you bring more value for the company.

In the next few bullet points we will describe skills that will definitely lead you to get a promotion in your current company, or guarantee you to find better jobs for construction companies or recruitment agencies.


Here are some highly sought after traits of a successful employee that employers consider when placing worth. Learn these because, In the end of the day, it is important to have certain traits to separate yourself from the herd.


Employees with leadership traits are generally the ones that worth more to the company. Don’t confuse being a leader with being a manager. Leadership is not related to the actual rank you hold, but with the attitude you take towards work.

Leadership has all to do with communication, being trustworthy for all other workers (above and under you) and keen to take responsibility.

You can be a leader regardless of your position, as long as your are always ready to take up challenges and move up the success ladder. Leader support other team members, and boost overall workplace productivity. This is why building a leadership personality will make sure you’re worth more to a company.

Think of something that you can do today that will improve the company operations and your teammates well being and DO IT. This is leadership.

Keep in mind: Leadership was pointed out to be the most demanded skill for construction jobs by multiple labour hire agencies in Sydney.


Being organised means that you take your job seriously, which results in better workplace efficiency.

Organisational skills is not something that should be regarded by office workers only.

I know that construction work tends to be hard and dirty, but regardless if you're a Tradesman or a General Labourer, being organised means you should keep yourself, your tools, your vehicle and your responsibilities in order.

In the end of the day all you do affect the company’s operations.

Keep in mind: Simple things like sending your time sheets at the right time, not being late and keeping your work vehicle clean really makes a difference on your employer’s eyes.


Good communication is the heart of a successful company. This means that employees who communicate within and outside the company beautifully are considered great assets. These should show you why some colleagues keep on getting called into the manager’s office and get treated like royalty.

Speak and behave yourself professionally towards ALL your teammates - regardless if they are labourers, tradesmen or even the big boss - and you’ll see it will change the perception they have about you.

Keep in mind: Being professional doesn’t kill humour, it just keeps it respectful.

Learn a 5 tricks about respect, Click this link


Your intelligence is a major factor in determining your worth.

Being emotionally stable inspires trust. Other team members will know they can count on you to make difficult decisions or go the extra mile without complaining on one of those tough days.

Avoid negative reactions or excessive complaining. You don’t like that from others, do you? They don’t like it neither.


“Where there's a will, there's a way.”

Hardworking construction workers that are ambitious can elevate the performance of their entire team.

This results in better and more quality products. Do you see why they are so valuable? Employees possessing these traits are trusted, which is why they are so important. These employees are also hard to find, so companies tend to stick closer to them. If you want to learn more on ambition, Click here.


Employees who possess multiple skill sets are valued more than employees who have just one skill. This is because in cases of emergency, an employer wants to be able to change workers’ roles and still get quality products.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try to understand your co-worker’s duties as much as you can. Learning will most definitely guarantee you a safer, steadier job

Keep in mind: Regardless if you work for a solid construction company or a casual labour hire agency, always share with your supervisor or project manager what you're learning and about your progress. It is important for him to know and be aware of the fact that you are evolving and striving.


Always to the right thing, even when no one is watching. Simple as that.

Work ethic, along with Leadership Skills, were proven to be more valuable for construction recruiters than actual work experience.

One thing to know: You cannot get paid for skill. Learn more here


If you have a job, you don't need to wait until people ask you to do it.

To be considered a valuable person by the company you need to be trusted. You will not be trusted if your manager thinks you will stop working or slack when unsupervised. Avoid that. Keep in mind: If you need a break or not feeling too good – always tell the truth.

The best opportunity to be proactive is to think about the company's problems and possible solutions. Suggest solutions (even if they are not feasible) will show that you care about the company and are invested in its improvement. Try to do that.


Help your bosses and your coworkers as much as you can. Be supportive as a co-worker and as a human being.

Teach the ones that are willing to learn and always be humble to learn more things yourself. Be fair and respectful.

Keep in mind: Helping does not means you will another person's job, it means you support them while their perform their responsibilities.


· Stealing office supplies.

· Use company car for your personal trips.

· Talk about your coworkers behind their backs.

· Say that you will do something and don't do it. (weak word)

· Don’t show up to work with no notice.

· Getting pissed and not being diplomatic.

· Being reckless about the company assets.

· Being disrespectful.

· Spend an abnormal amount of time in the bathroom.

All these items and many more will lead you to be seen as a unreliable or not trustworthy. Doing any of this will not only damage your reputation may put your job at risk.


Increasing your worth as an employee will come with a lot of changes, especially if you aren’t so great at the beginning. The joy is when you’re done, you will not only improve your job security, but you’ll earn more. So if you consider it, being a highly worth staff is worth it.

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