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How to find great for hire construction workers in Sydney?

Updated: May 27, 2022

Over a few years of being a Labour Hire company in Sydney, we've found the best places to find construction workers in Australia (professional workers for an affordable rate).

We've put this guide together as the first step for employers or team managers that you are looking to hire construction workers for their companies and teams.

​👉🏻So here we go.


You wouldn't want unprofessional or untrained workers, would you? Technical schools help some construction workers learn and develop their skills as young people. By technical schools, I’m not referring to Harvard, Oxford, or Yale. So don’t rush to brush off this option.

✅There are many technical schools close to you. You can contact them and consult them for their trained students. A key benefit of this approach is that your chances of finding the best workers are high. You also remove the chances of hiring poorly skilled workers.

You get to complete your job on time and still maintain high-quality construction. However, employers must understand that instructors don't always recommend the best. Sometimes, they support students who stand to benefit them the most. So when choosing an approved worker, it's wise to drill them a little bit before going ahead to hire.


Use websites that are made specifically for finding workers, like:

➡️Specific job boards like these usually get less traffic when compared to other general job boards. These are also more specific, so you spend less time looking for qualified workers. According to a paper on specific job boards by iCMS, a job ad on those specific job boards tend to bring in more targeted and high-quality applicants.

When it comes to filling a position, employers need to take a big picture approach. In addition to finding someone with the necessary skills and experience, they also need to find someone who will be a good fit for the company culture and who will add value to the team. With that in mind, here are four essentials that every job ad should include:

1. A detailed description of the position. This should include a rundown of the duties and responsibilities associated with the role.

2. An overview of the company. This is your chance to sell potential candidates on why your company is a great place to work. Be sure to mention any unique perks or benefits, such as flexible hours or comprehensive health coverage.

3. A list of desired qualifications. While you want to be open-minded, it's important to have a general idea of the skills and attributes you're looking for in a candidate. Otherwise, you risk being overwhelmed by applications from unqualified candidates.

4. If you're using a third-party service, such as a staffing agency or general contractor, provide information about them. Candidates will want to know who they'll be working with if they're hired, so it's important to

In the end, job ads on these top job boards may eventually result in better hires who stick around for the long haul.


Keeping in touch with former employees is also a way to get them back when you need them. It also serves as a way to get new crew members. You know how you can work hard with the best crew, but after the project, you have to let them go? That shouldn't be the end of it.

✳️You should keep up with them and hold on to their contacts. This makes it easier to get them back when you get a new project. Good crew members also know other construction workers, so even if they aren't available, you can bank on their recommendation for new construction workers.

Also, set up official offboarding procedures to ensure that when you let construction workers go, you maintain a good relationship. This increases the chances that they come back to work for you. They also leave a good impression of you and your company, and they will be happy, referring their friends to you.


✳️One of the best ways to recruit new construction workers is to ask already existing team members in the first place. Especially as a good boss, your workers will be more than willing to help you.

On the bright side, they wouldn’t recommend members that will damage the construction jobs. Since construction is a team effort, the team is as strong as the weakest man. This means they will look for the best available options for you.

✳️ Your current employees will also be willing if you start a referral program that offers bonuses. More than 68% of all construction companies use the referral program as a way to hire next-generation construction workers.

Putting an employee referral program benefits your recruitment process in several ways. Your workers take all the weight of finding, recruiting, and testing new workers. They are also happy with the incentives you provide. According to SHRM, recruits referred by current employees may require less training once they begin work.


You can use the internet to find more construction workers through referrals as well. Although many talented and experienced construction workers

➡️When you're looking for more construction workers, you can add a job page. It should contain easily understood questions for job seekers to answer.

If you don’t have a career page or a website, you can easily use social media. You can locate a specific niche of workers by using SEO tools. On popular sites like Facebook, you can get thousands of hits per day. You can then narrow the range by including specific requirements.

⚠️They could be

  • Location,

  • Years of experience

  • Specialty

  • Etc.


Have a hiring section on your website that asks specifically for workers you need.

✳️If you have enough traffic. If not, We suggest you use ads leading to it.


▶️Expectation Alignment:

Always make sure you express your performance expectations for the workers you hire. It saves your time and theirs.

▶️Hiring Friends:

A friend does not mean a good worker. If you're going to try a friend out, set a trial period and clear performance measurement. We also suggest you set future performance assessments ahead of time so the friendship doesn't become a reason to underdeliver.

▶️Family/Close friend referral.

Pretty much the same as above. When hiring workers from within your circle, make sure there will be no hard feelings in case of the hire does not work out.

▶️Gumtree hiring.

Hiring from "casual" sources may get you "casual" workers. So be extra careful when interviewing and taking someone on from Gumtree-like sources.


Now, you have a good idea about where you could go to find construction workers. But before going ahead and posting your job openings, make sure you've done your homework.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes you may hire untrained workers who are willing to learn. That is not a bad idea. With good training and mindset, they turn out to be the best workers you have.


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