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Affordable • Professional • Reliable
Labour Hire Solution in Sydney.

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We're Jack of ALL trades, masters of these:



Get the building up smooth and fast with labourers that take ownership for what they do.


Work hard and smart with workers that can keep a good pace while doing delicate work.



Demolition labourers that can perform the job safely and responsibly.


Didn't find your trade? Don't Worry.

We provide workers across the construction industry.

• Skilled Labourers specialised in YOUR trade • Reliable Construction Labourers and General Labourers • Site Cleaners (unskilled) • Licenced Labourers (Ticket Holders) • Traffic Controllers • Forklift Drivers • Welders • Oxy cutters • Fabricators •  and much more

Need Labour solutions FAST?

Problem SOLVED.



Hire labourers in Sydney right now!
Our allocators will get notified in real time and get in touch to discuss the rates if we find a suitable candidate for your construction projects.


Hiring construction workers has never been so easy!

✔️ Save time by not having to worry about workers who don't show up or do the wrong thing.

✔️ Get peace of mind knowing that you're hiring reliable labourers that work safely.

✔️ Reduce the chances of fraud with GPS tracking and digital timesheets.

✔️ Order workers via SMS or form 24/7.

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*For workers*

Looking for Construction Work?

We are always looking for hardworking people.


If you're looking for Construction and Warehouse work around Sydney Metro Area, learn what you need to do below.

Spades Labour Hire Sydney.

Here's what we do and how we do it.


we do

Running a construction project in Sydney can be like building a house of cards.

You need to be a problem-solving mastermind and that can be overwhelming.

It’s hard to get construction workers who care about your project and have the right skills to be on your job site at the right time if you're not using the right labour hire companies.


We take care of the labour part of your problem-solving.
So you're not wasting time putting out fires. 


Save Your


Pay competitive rates for skilled workers that don't make those small mistakes that drain your budget in the long run.


Save Your


competent skilled 

workforce means you have more time to do the work that really matters.


Save Your


Rest assured that you're using a specialised construction labour hire company that will provide a frictionless experience. 

How we
do it

Labour Hire is more than sending workers to a site, It's about making our client's lives easier.

Our job is to solve labour problems and raise productivity to new levels. That’s why they hang on tight to us once they find us.


We do that by training our guys to understand that the client’s success is their own success.

Our guys work hard and smart and communicate well. They focus on the success of the projects they’re assigned to.


Our clients LOVE it.


Of urgent General Labour new client's orders fulfilled

for the next day 


Labourers and Tradesmen deployed to clients on a daily basis.

6am to 8pm

Available to take

your work orders

in all day.


Of projects executed

across Sydney and other cities across Australia

Client retention


Employee retention



From warehouse and construction industries, including major brands

Need a right hand on site fast?

Get our full Spades Labour Hire Sydney rates guide.


What We Do
How We Do It

Sydney Labour Hire Price Guide

Spades Book

Spades Provides
Labour Hire solutions
for every company size

Your company size determines what you need from your labour supplier.

Small companies' values and labour hire requirements are completely different from large companies.

We adapt recruitment services fit to all sizes.

Find out why we're the best labour hire choice for your company regardless of how large your projects are.

What size is your construction company?

1 to 5 Employees

5 to 15 Employees

15 or More Employees

Pay for ONLY for the worked hours you've used!

Some construction workers may steal work hours by submitting timesheets that are not accurate. This can be done on purpose or by accident. Plus, a lot of information may be lost if invoices are transcribed from paper to digital. 

We've SOLVED this common Labour Hire Problem!



We've KILLED the paper timesheets!

We've created Spades App, that allows our Labourers and Tradesmen to fill out detailed timesheets that get signed off by YOUR supervisor

This system helps to make sure we've got accurate and detailed information from the worker on the field to the project manager in the office.


⏱️ NO MORE wasting time back and forward with Labour Hire paper timesheets.

Save THOUSANDS in bookkeeping with our Detailed Invoicing.

Our unique system creates invoices with all the information you need to pay for our labour hire services fairly and with peace of mind.


1 - Detailed Worked Hours.
Easy to check start, break, and finish times as well as any overtime.

2 - Total Hours and Suburb.

Already calculated totals and job locations for cross-checking.

3 -  Links to Digital Timesheets.

Check which foreman signed workers off every day without having to check on paper or make phone calls.

4 - Total Billable.

Broken down by worker, overtime and allowances. Have a clear view on how much you're expending per type of skill you need.

⚡ Your Labour Hire bookkeeping has NEVER been so fast and easy! 


Construction Labour Hire


Your life will be easier from now on!


We made Labour Hire easy and frictionless.

We will put you in direct contact with your allocator who will take care of all your casual or long term labour hire and recruitment needs.

You can order workers 24/7. Our system will guarantee no orders get missed. You will get your worker's details as soon as we've got a confirmation.


Our work order form will get all the info will need and send it straight to your designed allocator INSTANTLY!

We will find and allocate the right person ASAP.

Tired of having to remember ALL those job details every time?

We've fixed that too!


No more time wasting

Get a labour hire quote now.



Have trouble choosing your Labour Hire company in Sydney?

We wrote a guide to help you.

Selecting a Labour Hire in Sydney can be a challenge. They all seem the same from the outside.


👉 Download our Labour Hire GUIDE to find out what questions you should be asking your future labour provider.

*Quick Read
*Smartphone Friendly


Check out what are the labour hire services we offer

Click below for the Labourers and Tradesmen list.

*Everyone goes through the same detailed recruitment process.

Got a problem with workers not understanding or now following instructions?

Here is your solution.




Put an END to your Communication Problems

Most of the problems in the Sydney construction industry come from miscommunications.

👉 Find out how to solve this once and for all with our Delegation Manual.

Labour Hire, Recruitment and People Management knowledge: SHARED

Check the Spades Labour Hire Blog and get the knowledge you need to succeed in your career, grow your company or improve your workforce productivity.

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