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Samsung Deployment

Check the
instructions below


Before going ahead

make sure you've

finished the

5-step onboarding process on the 

Onboarding Page

Read ALL the

instructions below.

Welcome to


Watch the Warehouse intro video.


This is the system Samsung uses to keep track of worked hours.

Links below!




SwipedOn App


You must use both

the Spades App and SwipedOn App to record your hours. 

Both companies record the hours in different systems. Make sure they are coherent.


Orange High-Vis

For FORKLIFT drivers only

front 2.jpg

Yellow High-Vis


Read and Sign below


Sign Samsung Safety Induction Paper


You must sign before starting working.

Follow the Samsung instructions below.


Use SwipedOn App

It's a warehouse requirement.
Download and signup before deployment.

Be proactive and professional.

Do your best to keep the warehouse productive and work in synergy with your team and supervisors.

Report Hazards.

We all want to go home safely by the end of each day. Report any possible on-site hazards or unacceptable behavior to your supervisor. 

Report to the Supervisor.

Always let your supervisor know you're on site as soon as you arrive.


Inform Spades and Samsung supervisors as soon as possible if you won't attend work. Unreported No-Shows may lead to dismissal. 

Tired or Sick.

Do not take unauthorize breaks. Always talk to your supervisor. Do not work if you're too tired or feeling unwell. Let your supervisor know as well as your allocator.

Zero Disrespect.

Be respectful to your teammates and supervisor always.

Obey Speed Limits and Signage

The traffic may be intense in the warehouse. Always be aware of your surroundings and obey the signs.

Phones are NOT Allowed.

Stay off your mobile while at work. Leave your phone at the reception unless its an absolute emergency.

Foods and Drinks NOT Allowed

Only consume foods and drinks at the lunch area, NOT at the warehouse floor.

In case of emergency
evacuate the building and assemble by the exterior fence.

⚠️ Be EXTRA Careful! ⚠️
Damages to property may be discounted from your pay.

Take your time. Work carefully.

⚠️Be honest bout your hours⚠️

Do not attempt to falsify timesheets. It will cause instant disciplinary action and possibly a dismissal.

Do not park on management spots

The spot below is for the management team only. Park on other spots.

Park 5.jpg
Park 4.jpg

📣💬 Inform Spades Allocator that you've seen this page.

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